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The 18 Best Professional Foosball Table in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you love indoor games? Then you shouldn’t miss owning a foosball table. It can be a perfect addition to your existing game room or one of the great starter piece for your new game room. What’s impressive about playing foosball is the fact that it’s ideal for both adults and kids. If you have one in your home, not only your family will get entertained for years but also your guests.

You can also join your friends in one of your local entertainment joints and have fun playing foosball. Unfortunately, choosing the right foosball table can be an uphill task. But you need not fret; in this article, we shall give insight into the best professional foosball table on the market today.

You might wonder how we can up with the top foosball table available today. We carried out detailed research based on size, features, design, purpose, and cost. Fortunately, we came up with a list of several top foosball tables as follows;



Best Foosball Table: Editor’s Top Picks


Foosball Game History


Foosball origin started with Harold Searles Thorton, a UK resident in 1921. He got inspired by the Europeans’ fame of football which got referred hen as soccer in the US. Because of the increased popularity of the United States’ football, Harold decided to create a game that could get played in homes.

Since the European game already got known as “football,” he decided to name his new creation “foosball.” Its design got inspired by a matchbox where the matches extended beyond the box’s edge, as portrayed in the rods found in a table for playing foosball.

In the 1950s, Lawrence Patterson introduced a foosball game to the US, but its popularity reached a climax in the 1970s. Within this period, you could find this game in pool halls and bars everywhere in the United States.

Later in 2002 in France, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) got established to promote Table Soccer sport and regulate its international competitions. Also, this organizing body aimed to connect the foosball game with the General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Despite the video games’ invention and popularity in recent years, the foosball game still thrives in many communities today. It has improved through the years, and you will always find many local bars and tournaments with foosball tables with professionals moving the balls with a speed of up to 35 mph during competitions.

Creativity and the advent of technology have led to the creation of various types of foosball tables to cater to multiple people’s needs. To grasp some knowledge, here is a list of foosball table types ideal for you.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Table for Foosball Game


After knowing the best tables for playing foosball as described above, you may want to get yourself one. But you can’t just go into a store and buy one. There are some factors you need to consider to get the right table for your needs and budget. Are you anxious to know? They include the following;

  • Materials Used

Perfect foosball tables get made with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) renowned for its furniture, sports equipment, cabinetry, recreational, and home product production. Because of its conservative nature, this material gets layered with various natural looking coatings and veneers to create custom styles and finishes.

Besides, MDF is durable and ideal for foosball tables. Manufacturers get to add cabinets as added features on the tables and give them away at affordable prices since MDF is less costly.

If your budget can allow it, consider going for tables made with steel or solid wood. Though they come at a cost, they last longer than those made with MDF. Besides, MDF chips easily and it’s not easy to repair them. Tables made with steel or wood are heavy, a feature that makes them stable.

But generally, most buyers go for a table made with quality MDF and finished with natural wood veneer or a durable coating. In this regard, it is cheaper and serves you for many years.

  • Size

Tables for playing foosball come in various sizes. You need to consider your space before buying one. You wouldn’t want a table too big or small for your set place. For a standard room, a table of 56 – inches in length, 30 – inches in width, and 36 – inches in height will work out great. For tables ideal for many players and added rod extensions, you should place it in a room not less than 9ft by 9 ½ ft. 52 – inches by 48 – inches tables work best in tight spaces.

  • Playing Surface

Most tables designed for playing foosball come with either a laminate or melamine playing surface. If your budget is tight, you may need to consider going for a table with a playing surface made with melamine. If you are wondering what melamine is, it is a fast and smooth playing surface made from a plastic material backed with a pressboard panel.

But if your pocket can allow it, you can buy a high-end table with a laminate playing surface. Compared to melamine, a playing surface made with laminate over solid wood creates a faster surface. Also, a laminated surface comes as an embed with the field markings other than using paint or decals. If you want a cheap but durable surface, go for a table with a playing field made with laminate.

  • Rods

You should consider the quality you need for your table’s rods. Top-notch quality rods get made from steel. The rods can come as hollow or steel rods. Entry to mid-range level tables come made with solid steel rods. They are durable and serve for many years. If you need a high-end table, consider buying one with hollow rods.

  • Counter-Balanced Foosmen

Counterbalanced foosmen are also known as counterweighted foosmen. The explanation for this is that the foosman’s head weight counterbalances that of his foot. With equal weight, it becomes easy for you to clear the field for passes and shots by setting the player parallel to the playing field.

But some tables don’t come with counterweighted players. Before buying, you need to consider whether you want a table with equal weight players or varying weights. Non-counterweighted foosmen do not come with weighted heads and can annoy you while playing.

With the above information about foosball tables, you may want to know how the foosball game came about. For insight, here is a brief history.


Top 18 Best Professional Foosball Table Reviews:

1. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table - Made...


If you are looking for a foosball game ideal for the outdoors, then you will love the Tornado Tournament 3000. It comes with Three Goalies and well designed for commercial use. You can, therefore, use it in your restaurant or other entertainment joints.

The front side contains a coin slot where players put in their coins to place. You may worry about the safety of your money with this table, but you need not. The coin slot comes with a key used to lock to ensure that your coins get stored until you empty its change reservoir. With this key, you also get to set the cost of each game or turn this price setting feature off.

The long life of this table is impressive. Thanks to levers found on the base of every leg, stainless-steel laminate, and durable protectors located on all ends. Its improved Patented Tornado men with sharp corners that help in passing and controlling the ball better and its height adjustment feature ensures that you enjoy the game maximally.

Highlighted Features:                         

  • Three Goalie
  • Enhanced Patented Tornado men
  • Durable
  • Attractive split cabinet design
  • Competition bearings with are thin-wall split

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2. Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 Model 56 Inch Black

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020...


Many tables made for foosball games are heavy and bulky, and many manufacturers get unable to deliver them to your doorstep. But not with the Warrior Table Soccer Pro; they deliver it to your home or preferred place after purchase. Surprisingly, this table takes only 25 minutes to assemble using a simple tool.

If you are looking for a quality foosball table, you will not go wrong with the Warrior Table Soccer Pro. The foosball men come well balanced on the counter and with split bearings to enhance smoother and faster shots.

The quality of this table is top-notch. Its solid construction attributes to its durability. Also, you will enjoy channeling the ball to the center without using hoses. Thanks to the return system that comes with this table. The levelers found on its swivel feet make this table stabilize on any surface. If you are wondering about your safety while playing, this table comes with a Rod Guard System to protect both adults and kids.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy and fast assembling
  • Top-notch quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Protects the players
  • Official tournament table.

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3. American Legend Charger 52″ Foosball Table

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table...


It is one of the best foosball table ideal for all ages. You will love its design and attractive look attributed to its finishing done using a light oak. The Tornado Men mimic real football players in their red, blue, and white attires. The rods come as hollow and ½ – inch and get made with chrome.

You will also enjoy optimal support from the chromed crossbar. The system used on this table is Internal Ball Return and offers a fun experience. You will love powerful scoring shots against your opponents with the help of the non-slip grips designed on this table.

If your concern is stability on any floor type, this table will blow your mind with its study 3.75 – inch square legs. As a result, the table stands still on all surfaces, making it ideal to use both indoors and outdoors. You need not worry about your scores. You get to keep track of them using the abacus-style scoring that comes with this table.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy square legs
  • Internal system of the ball return
  • Chrome finished hollow rods
  • Abacus-Style scoring
  • Extra strength from crossbar support
  • Ideal for all ages

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4. Hathaway 56 – Inch Primo Foosball Table

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, Family...


If you are searching for a table ideal for playing foosball with your entire family, then your search ends here. Hathaway 56 – Inch Primo get designed to cater for your whole family. Besides, this table looks fantastic! Every member of your family will love it. Thanks to its classic finish and the well-designed ABS counterbalanced players. Both adults and kids fall in love with their soccer-like style and grassy, slick surface. The manufacturer of Hathaway 56 – Inch Primo specialized in quality while constructing this table. It is solid with steel rods that glide fast and smoothly through the E-Z spin bearings.

With its coated and cross-supported surface, you get guaranteed an even playing field. On purchasing it, you get to play immediately. Thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with two foosballs, analog but silver-toned scoring units, easy to grip wooden handles, and high quality molded players. If you are not happy with the gaming experience from Hathaway 56 – Inch Primo, the manufacturer guarantees a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for the entire family
  • Last long
  • Fully equipped with the necessary foosball game accessories
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Sleek design

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Tornado Sport Foosball Table - Commercial...


If you are looking for a commercial quality table, Tornado Sport gets regarded as the best professional foosball table. Having been made by Tornado, the first manufacturer of foosball tables in the US, and a proud owner of three patents for their tournament foosballs and nine on their internal mechanics, you get assured of the best quality with their Tornado Sport! What’s impressive about this table is the fact that even starters can also play foosball on this table. With its Mahogany Melamine finish, this table looks great and offers enjoyment to both adults and kids.

Thanks to boot levelers on its legs, you can adjust them to any length. The black handles get made of rubber to ensure a firm grip while playing. It features a dual-end ball returns with improved Patented Tornado men with sharper corners.

Highlighted Features:                                                                     

  • 1 – inch thick cabinet with a Mahogany Melamine finish
  • Height adjustable legs that come with boot levelers
  • Black plastic handles that offer a sure grip
  • Dual end ball return system
  • Top-notch quality from the US
  • Enhanced Patented Tornado men with sharper corners
  • Classic design in a black and blonde color that match with the counters

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6. Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force 56' Foosball Table with...


Most people think that an ideal table designed for playing foosball must contain flashing lights and bright colors. Unfortunately, they are wrong! Despite the Atomic Pro Force 56″ keeping it simple in style, it prides itself as one of the best foosball table found on the market today.

It is perfect to use in any professional platform or home. Its flexibility makes it convenient for any gaming environment, which attributes to its convenience. What’s impressive about this table is the fact that despite its simple design, it looks great. Thanks to the hollow rods made with chrome steel, and its built-in ball return and manual scoring systems that come with this table.

The handles are also very comfortable and offer a firm grip attributed to the rubber material used in its making. As a result, you will thoroughly enjoy the foosball gaming experience from Atomic Pro Force 56″. The players are exciting with their robot-like style. It also features four balls and attractive engineered wood with bamboo laminate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch quality
  • Ball entry and internal ball return systems
  • Leg levelers for optimal stability
  • Four balls
  • Bamboo laminate and engineered wood
  • Ideal for both commercial and home use.

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7. Kick Ambassador 55″ in Foosball Table

KICK Ambassador 55' Foosball Table


Made by KICK, a renowned foosball enthusiast with 25 years of experience, the quality of this table is exceptional! What’s stunning about this table is the fact that besides its high quality, foosball lovers can access this table at an affordable price.

If you are an expert in playing foosball, then this table is excellent in representing your skills. Thanks to its specially designed excellent field play and precise player control. Also, the foosball men come as counterbalanced and dribble quickly for easy control.

If your concern is about the stability of this table, you will get excited to find out that it comes with 5 – inch sturdy legs with levelers. You can adjust the legs’ length to suit your height and those of your opponents. This table also comes either as a one or three goalie design to cater to every gaming need. The beautiful looking uniformed men come as a set of 26 in the same colors of red and blue. You need not worry about your money; this table comes with a lifetime warranty!

Highlighted Features:

  • Elegant and extremely durable
  • Uniformed counterbalanced men
  • 3 – Goalie or 1 – Goalie design
  • Non-slip handles
  • Lifetime warranty

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8. Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator 56' Foosball Table


The ball entry and system of internal ball return makes the Atomic Gladiator 56″ the best foosball table you can find on the market today. Its attractive design gets enhanced by the red and black teams that come facing a green playfield. Made with MDF aprons of 15 – inches by 2 – inches and 5/8 – inches steel rods, the table is sturdy and serves you for long.

You need not worry about your hands slipping away as you play because Atomic Gladiator 56″ comes with non-slip octagonal wooden handles. Because of the MDF playfield, this table doesn’t wrap.

You get to enjoy a foosball game on a stable table, thanks to the installed 3 ½ – inches leg levelers. You will have fun playing on this table attributed to its internal ball return system, which ensures you and your opponent into back into action immediately. With its built-in cup holders, you can place your drinks and continue playing without spilling them on the table. You also get to keep track of your scores with the wooden abacus scoring that comes with this table.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy wooden handles and steel rods
  • Ball entry
  • Internal ball System
  • Four balls
  • Cup holders

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9. Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table...


Do you value functionality and quality in a table designed for playing foosball? Then you will love Carrom Signature. With this table, you will enjoy all-star foosball action straight from your home. Carrom Signature table gets made with either Emerald Santos, Moroccan Fresco, or Burr Oak to cater for all tastes. You will love the look of the screen-printed graphics on its 0.375 – inches thick playing surface. Amazingly, the cover comes with enamel attributed to its wear resistance ability.

It comes with cross support below the playing surface to enhance its stability. Depending on what you like, you can play with either three or one goalies. If you prefer a single goalie assembly, the table comes with corner ramps. Thanks to the heavy miter fold vinyl used in making used in constructing this table’s legs, it serves you for many years.

It also comes with 2 – inch leg supports plated with chrome and leg levelers to enhance its stability. The handles get made of wood to enhance a firm grip while the rods are hollow and made with steel.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality
  • Non-slip grip
  • Optimal stability
  • One or three goalies
  • Wear-resistant surface

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10. Playcraft Milan – European Foosball Table

Playcraft Milan - European Foosball Table,...


Could you be looking for an affordable but top-notch sleek table for foosball game? Then your search ends here with Playcraft Milan. Its corners come with ramps because it comes designed as a single goalie table.

You will love playing with the counterbalanced men made with tournament feet. Their robot style makes the game exciting and looks great while molded around supports made from steel. As a result, you don’t get to experience any loose screws in the future, and the men’s movement against its rods becomes easy.

The balls used in Playcraft Milan are tournament styled and match well with the competition shaped feet of the men to give this table a premier look. The black and red uniformed men over the green playfield marked with white enhance the entire appearance of the table. The legs are adjustable and made secure. You not only adjust the table to suit your height, but the leg levelers also help to keep the Playcraft Milan stable.

Highlighted Features:                                          

  • 1.4 – inch thick, durable side aprons
  • Tournament style balls
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Robot style men
  • Telescoping chrome-plated steel rods
  • Factory molded men around the internal supports made from steel.

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11. Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56″

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56”...


Do you own a recreational foosball game and are looking for an ideal table? Then you should consider the Rally and Roar. It is one of the best foosball table available today. You can use it in bars, arcades, family nights, and parties.

With a standard size of 56 – inches, it is ideal for everyone and offers a fun experience. It is the reason why it’s a favorite of many foosball game lovers. Rally and Roar are suitable for many people, making them suitable for commercial purposes. The fact that this table is easy to assemble and requires no batteries or electricity makes it convenient and worth having.

Despite having a stylish design, the Rally and Roar come with ergonomic handles, smooth turf, and weighted men. Also, the bead scorer gets made with solid wood and steel rods. It is the reason why this table lasts for a long. Thanks to its wooden handles, you get to feel in control and comfortable with non-slip grips.

Highlighted Features:

  • Optimal fun and entertainment
  • Simple to assemble and play
  • Ideal for both commercial and home use
  • Durable
  • Elegant
  • Weighted men
  • A smooth turf with ergonomic handles

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12. Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Wooden Soccer Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized...


Do you like having a drink as you enjoy your foosball game? Then you should consider having the Best Choice Products 48in. It comes with two cup holders for you and your opponent. As a 48 – inch game set, you will fall head over heels with its versatility.

It is ideal for homes and other entertainment platforms. In addition to having a stylish design, it is also player-friendly. It comes with eight rows, with each team taking four rows. The players are 22, with 11 for each side.

With the Best Choice Products 48in, you need not worry about a better grip. You get to control the ball comfortably attributed to its ergonomic handles. The playing field comes with attractive green color and is smooth to allow the ball to navigate easily. You will enjoy its service for many years. Thanks to its sturdy craft, which includes durable composite wood with steel rods finished with chrome.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for both home and commercial use
  • Durable composition
  • Elegant and player-friendly design
  • Two cup holders
  • Non-slip ergonomic handles
  • Overall dimensions of 24 – inches (W), 48 – inches (L), and 33 – inches (H)

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13. Barrington Collection Foosball Table

Barrington Billiards 56 inch Allendale...


Its classic design combined with top-notch quality makes this table for playing foosball a premier. If you are concerned about its durability, its bronze finished hardware like the sturdy fixtures make the Barrington Collection rank high in serving for many years.

Despite this table pleasing your eyes, it is stable on any surface. Thanks to its invisible leg levelers. The rods are easy to spin attributed by the non-slip ergonomic handles made for this table.

You will also love the A-style leg design made with metal that comes with this 56 – inch table. The aprons and top rails get designed with durable and heavy-duty wood. You will have optimal fun while playing with this table. Its slick finished surface enhances a smooth and fast game.

If you love spending quality time with your family, then you should consider having Barrington Collection in your playroom or basement. Also, it is excellent when kept in the office to spend some quality time with your workmates. For a better gaming experience, this table comes with player flippers with a robot style, scoring pegs of vintage style, and two balls.

Highlighted Features:                                   

  • Top-notch quality
  • Superior construction
  • Bronze finished
  • Ideal to use at home
  • Player flippers
  • Two foosballs

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14. ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

Foosball Tabletop Game with Accessories for...


To cater to everyone’s needs, the manufacturer of this table made it in multiple styles. You only need to choose what you like. Inspired by the traditional saying “don’t fix it if not broken,” the makers of ESPN Arcade did an incredible job.

The table features incredible improvements that qualify it as one of the best foosball table found on the market today. It is a classic and renowned table soccer game. Because it comes in one kit and requires no tools to set it up, assembling it is easy and fast. Besides, it is user-friendly; your only challenge could be winning.

If your concern is a table that will serve you for many years, the ESPN Arcade qualifies. Thanks to its oversized leg levelers and reinforced aprons of 10.4 – inches by 0.75 – inches. You will also love its playing field, which is smooth and gets made of sturdy materials. It is the reason why this table withstands rough plays, tournaments, and extensive use. If you have a special day or person to appreciate, the ESPN Arcade is perfect for gifting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic soccer table
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for commercial and home use
  • Durable
  • Ideal for gifting

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15. GOPLUS 54″ Foosball Table

GOPLUS 54' Foosball Table, Soccer Game Table...


Many foosball tables have disappointed their users with rusting parts that affect the rotation of the rods. But not with the GOPLUS 54″. Its manufacturer did a great job of constructing it with sturdy rust-proof steel rods. The table also comes with oversized leg levelers that not only keep it firm and stable but also contribute to its attractive appearance.

You will enjoy rotating its rods because they come with slide bearings. If you are looking for the best indoor game table for foosball, GOPLUS 54″ ranks among the best. Its tear and wear-resistant attributed to the long compound coating that makes it ideal for tournaments and rough games.

With its sleek design combined with soccer balls, soccer field, goals, and scorer ensures that you experience an excellent foosball game. Besides, controlling the balls is no hustle, thanks to the non-slip handles that come with this table. From its eight rows, each team takes four rows with 13 black and ivory players. , this table comes with a style scoring device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for competition between many people
  • Solid structure
  • Easy to play and convenient
  • 26 players and eight rows
  • Suitable for indoor entertainment

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16. EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Game – 54 Inches

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Game...


Could you be looking for a table for foosball with high performance? You won’t go wrong with the EastPoint Sports Preston. Are you wondering why? The player rods get made with steel and come with high-performance player bushings spin that attributes to its ease slide.

You need not worry about this table shaking unexpectedly while playing, thanks to its oversized leg levelers. The table is usually very stable while playing and explains why it’s convenient. Besides, you can use the EastPoint Sports Preston for casual and competitive purposes.

The fact that this table comes with a bead style scoring system to help keep track of your scores makes it both convenient and time-saving. The two balls that come with the EastPoint Sports Preston keeps the game running during optimal play. If you want extra fun in your game room, consider purchasing this table. You can also keep it in your living room, garage, or basement.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for competitive and casual players
  • High performance
  • Bead style scoring system
  • Two balls
  • Optimum fun in your home
  • 54 – inches in length, 29.5 – inches in width, and 34.5 – inches in height

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17. Sport Squad Greyson Foosball Table Soccer GAME – 56″

Sport Squad Greyson Foosball Table Soccer...


Are you cautious of your décor and are in search of a table for playing foosball that blends with your interior décor? Then you should consider the Sport Squad Greyson. It comes with an attractive design ideal for any room.

The design is also ideal for any environment like an office, basement, or apartment. The fact that this table will serve you for long will win your heart. Thanks to its top-notch MDF construction. You can also play on this table regardless of your age. As a result, you can have fun family time with your kids, relatives, and partner.

Despite its standard size of 34 – inches in height, 56 – inches in length, and 31 – inches in width, this table is easy to assemble. You get to enjoy swift shots with the stiff chrome-plated steel rods.

You will fall in love with the grooved rubber handles that enhance a firm grip responsible for your faster reaction. Thanks to the adjustable leg levelers, you get to adjust this table to your ideal height as enjoy a stable table while playing. Amazingly, if not satisfied with this product, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Premium quality
  • Ideal for both adults and kids
  • Suitable for commercial and home use

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18. Sunnydaze 48-Inch Indoor Foosball Table

Sunnydaze 48-Inch Mid-Size Indoor Foosball...


Maybe you own a pub and are looking for an ideal table designed for foosball game. If so, then today is your lucky day with the Sunnydaze 48-Inch Indoor. It gets designed for your indoor recreational game, basement, pub, and parties. Thanks to its sleek design and size of 48 – inches long, 32 – inches tall, and 48 – pounds in weight.

The materials used in making this table attributes to its longer serving years compared to other tables designed for foosball game. It gets made with long-lasting MDF material, and metal rods, and other hardware.

If you are looking for a foosball game ideal for your entire family, then you should consider the Sunnydaze 48-Inch Indoor. Featuring easy to grip and non-slip handles, painted players, and fresh soccer graphics, this table looks attractive and worth having.

If you want to keep scores of your game, no need to fret; the side located manual scorer will assist. Besides, you spend no time assembling this table because it’s easy to set it up. If you are not happy with its performance, the manufacturer offers a 1 – year warranty!

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for game room
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Sleek design
  • Ideal for home and commercial use

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Ideal Foosball Table Type for You

  • 1. Italian Tables

Unlike the real Italian team for men, Italian foosball gets played at a swift pace. According to some local rules, when the ball stops even for a second, it gets considered a foul. In this table, your reflex and speed in thinking are of more concern than using calculated control.

A perfect Italian table comes equipped with lighter rods, glass playfield, and tinier figurines. What’s impressive about these Italian tables is the fact that anyone and with any skill level can play on them. Also, one derives optimal fun.

  • 2. French Tables

The best French table for foosball gets renowned as the “Babyfoot.” Most feature light cork balls, massive aluminum figurines, and rubber playfield. They also look attractive with the various French colors. But you need to have skills to catch up with the unmatched control that comes with these tables. What’s surprising about these tables is the fact that they get made by craftsmen and are renowned worldwide as the most long-lasting tables.

  • 3. American Tables

Being a darling for many Americans, these tables come with a 13 figurines a-side instead of 11 a-side on a playfield like the others. The playfield come as plastic laminated with wide-foot figurines. When it comes to passing the ball, American tables rank high among the best. The larger feet that comes with these tables results to a slower game.

  • 4. German Tables

The best way to define these tables is as a blend of European finesse and American pragmatism. When compared to the American figurines, they look the same but come as a bit lighter. As a result, they pin better. The gameplay is consistent, moderately fast, with significant control.

  • 5. Spanish Tables

Having been inspired by Spanish football for men, these tables are unique. The midfield acts as the domineering aspect. In this regard, these foosball tables come as “U” shaped because they slope towards the center. The primary way used in controlling the ball is by a back pin. The midfield gets most of the balls. But you need time to master the Spanish table because it’s tough to play!

But despite the above foosball types, the market gets flooded with many brands. Below is a list of the best foosball brands you can get from the market today.


Best Foosball Table Brands

  • 1. Garlando – Italy

With more than 60 years of experience in making foosball tables, Garlando, an Italian foosball company ranks on top of the list as the best brand for foosball tables. Its specialization is a 1-man goalie setup European tables. The gameplay features reasonable ball control and fast speed. This company prides itself as the best for making outdoor tables.

  • 2. Warrior

The Warrior brand also ranks high as one of the best producers of foosball tables. Owned by Brendan Flahery and based in California, this company makes top-notch American style tables. Amazingly, the owner is also a renowned foosball player.

  • 3. Tornado

For over 40 years, Tornado has been manufacturing top-notch American style tables. With its tournament-style tables, it prides itself on making foosball sport official tables. The Regan, Classic, T3000, Sport, and Elite are among its top models. Attributed to Tornado’s figurines, their tables feature optimum control.

  • 4. Bonzini – France

It gets famous for producing exquisite foosball tables. The fact that their tables get handcrafted to last for a lifetime is exciting and makes them serious on their work. Compared to other brands, their ball control emerges as the best attributed to linoleum used in making the playing field.

  • 5. Carrom

Having been in the market for over 10 decades, Carrom, an American manufacturer cannot get questioned on the quality of their tables. Their wealth of experience has made them become the best producer of fun family foosball tables. The fact that its tables are pocket-friendly makes them even better. Harley Davidson, Signature, and NASCAR are some of its top model.

  • 6. Atomic

Atomic may not boast of being in the foosball table production for long, but it’s renowned for making sporting and arcade tables for many years. Currently, they manufacturer top-notch mid-level tables ideal for teens and home usage.

  • 7. KICK

KICK is an American company that manufactures pocket-friendly tables. What you’ll love about its tables is the fact that they feature old-school or traditional style play. KICK’s brand has been around for some years and has mastered the best customer service. You get guaranteed satisfaction when you buy a table from this brand. Besides, with the brand’s lifetime warranty, you get to enjoy value for your money.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


  • a) How Can I Move a Table for Foosball Without Damaging It?

Though most people may prefer disassembling the whole table, it is not necessary. Removing the table’s legs will do the trick. Then turn it sideways to enable it to pass through various doorways.

As a result, you will save time you could have used in removing the rods and men and then placing them back. Besides, your table may also get subjected to tear and wear during the disassembling and assembling process. The rods and men may even break off or bend.

To remove your table’s legs, look up to where they get attached. Then take a screwdriver and unscrew the bolts that connect them to the table’s cabinet. Request some people to assist you to pull the legs after removing the bolts to avoid the table from falling and getting damaged or hurting you. After carefully removing the table, carry it sideways to fit the doorways.

  • b) Why Do Some Tables Come with a 3 – Goalie while others have 1 – Goalie?

Most American style tables get designed with a 3 – man goalie to help remove the two sloped corners near the goalie. With a one-person goalie, the slopped edges help in maintaining the ball while playing. But due to the game’s development, it now contains additional men, and that space gets put in use.

As a result, the game has become more accurate, with less unpredictability. As a player, you also get to possess more control of the goalie rod. Passing the ball between the two-person defensive rod and the goalie box feels lovely. But you will still get a single man goalie table with most of the European tables today.

  • c) Should You Buy a Used or New Table for Foosball?

Used foosball tables can be very tempting, especially on sites like craigslist and eBay because of their low prices. If you should take a used table, carry out a physical checkup to ensure that it’s okay. Never pay for a secondhand table before you see it.

Ensure that the men aren’t loose, and there aren’t any chipped corners. Test the table’s surface by playing a quick game. If it’s in good condition and the price is right, go ahead and purchase it. Choosing on whether to buy an old or new table is difficult because the table may be new but of low quality while as it can come as secondhand but of top-notch quality.

What’s important on both the new and used tables is the quality and price. If both are right and meet your needs, go ahead and purchase either that you prefer best. If you want to buy on an online platform, consider credible online shops. Alternatively, obtain straight from the manufacturer for security purposes.

  • d) Can You Convert Your Standard leg Table to an Adjustable one?

Yes, you can, but use credible adjusters. Use a smaller drill to create a pilot hole then enlarge it to the bolt size. In this regard, you avoid risking your table’s legs from cracking.


Final Thoughts

As illustrated above, a foosball game is a beautiful way of relaxing and having fun. It is also a way of uniting families and friends. With the right table designed for playing foosball, you get to enjoy optimal entertainment at various locations like home or bars. Some tables get made for many people, while others manage a few or one person. Depending on what you prefer, you are free to buy what you like. But as explained above, you need to consider some aspects before purchasing a table for foosball for a better gaming experience. If you are not sure what table to go for, use the above listed best tables as your starting point.

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