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10 Best Solar Flood Lights in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Finding the best solar flood lights money can buy is quite the challenge. There are so many things to think through and consider. Having a budget in mind is a good place to start, as you look to embark in the buying experience. Furthermore, there are prices to look at, brands to sort through, and wattages to understand.

Even though this may seem like a daunting task, you can find lights to fit you and your home. Do not feel like you have to do this all on your own. There are great resources out there, like this article, to help you understand what kind of solar floodlights you actually need.

This way, you will have success buying and installing floodlights for all to see. Then, you can feel safe and protected, even during the darkest of nights. So, check out these top solar light options for you to reflect upon.



Best Solar Flood Lights: Editor’s Top Picks


How Do Solar Flood Lights Work?

Solar Flood Lights Work

The best solar flood lights work by taking in energy from the sun and using it to create light when the sun goes down. Even though solar floodlights can only use up to 20% of what the sun gives off, there is still plenty of energy to go around.

By placing your solar panel in a place that gets maximum sunlight, you can see what the power of the sun can do for you. During the day, the solar panels will recharge the light. Then, it will use that energy depending on what model you choose for the solar floodlight.

Even on the cloudiest of days, these floodlights can still have enough energy to power your floodlights for a few days later. This is truly what makes these floodlights epic. Also, some solar floodlights have a feature where a battery can help with the energy process.

These batteries can direct energy to the lights, but they can also power the lights when the sun is not around to charge the device. The only problem with this is if you rely too heavily on the battery, it may lose its juice sooner than expected.


Where Should You Install Solar Flood Lights?

Install Solar Flood Lights

When installing your best solar motion floodlights, it is important to consider where you should place the device. One of the best things to use is a compass or a compass app. This will help you decide upon where is the best place to install your paneling for the sun to hit it.

Make sure that you install the device directly toward the sun. Usually, this means that you should face the south if you live in North America. Also, cord distance is something you should consider, too. Many of the solar panel floodlights are not connected directly with one another. There is usually a cord that separates the panel and the light itself.

Because of this, depending on the option that you buy, the cord can extend anywhere from 10 to 20 feet. Just keep this point in consideration when installing. Nothing is worse than installing your best solar-powered outdoor floodlight when you realize that your cord is not long enough for where you want to place your light and where the sun hits your panel.

Overall, the feet of cord that you do get should be enough to help you in the process. This flexibility is one of the reasons why people like solar floodlights so much in this day and age.


Things to Consider When Buying Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights

One of the first things you need to figure out is why you need the best solar LED flood lights in the first place. Well, you have two options when it comes to outdoor lighting. First, you can install wired floodlights or you can purchase solar ones. Decades ago, wire floodlights were good options because they got the job done for security purposes. But, in this day and age, solar panels are becoming the more viable option because they save you money on your energy bill, and do just as well as the standard lights.

  • 1. More Options

When it comes to the brightest solar lights, they have a lot more installation options. Anywhere where the sun hits the panels, you can install floodlights. On the other hand, wired lights are chained down to the fact that you have to get power out to the light.

  • 2. Free Power

Solar power is free energy. Since the power of the sun can be harnessed with these lights, you will not have to pay a dime, other than the solar light you buy. Additionally, the device will not overheat during its charging period.

  • 3. A Quick Install

Solar power lights are much easier to install than a wired floodlight. Since everything is put together for you, your best outdoor solar lights will be ready to go in no time at all. An easy-to-use owner’s manual will help with the process, too.

  • 4. Different Accessories

Another thing wired floodlights can’t do is have awesome accessories to choose from. Solar lights can be small accented lights or motion security floodlights. Also, they can help light up your yard or perfect light up a ballpark or an outdoor basketball court. The choices really are endless with what you can do with the best solar lights.

  • 5. Knowing the Solar Light Types

Knowing your types of solar lights is a good thing to understand when making your purchase. There are three types you should know: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Monocrystalline is considered by most to be the most effective of the solar panels. It collects energy at a clip for 15 to 21% of what the sun dishes out. However, these are the most expensive option to buy.

Polycrystalline panels have an efficiency that gets up to 16%, but they use cheaper materials when manufacturing. The solar cells are usually in the color of a dark blue, so you can easily tell what type of solar light this actually is. Both this type and monocrystalline are used in industrial solar pursuits, as well, so you are getting a version that is quite impressive.

The last solar light type is amorphous. This has the lowest of efficiencies at 10%. Its primarily charging has most come from replenishing device batteries. As the least expensive option, you can buy a lot of these, but you will not get a lot of solar power back in return.

  • 6. Figuring Out Wattage

Every solar security light runs on a different type of wattage. If you buy one with 10 watts, this means that 10 watt-hours of electricity will be produced each hour. When the light is more powerful, the more watts you will need for lighting purposes. The lower solar lights run on 1 to 5 watts, while the bigger lights usually run between 10 to 20 watts.

  • 7. The Sizing Situation

Knowing the size of your best solar flood light is a good thing to know, too. The bigger the size, along with the wattage, determines your specifications. However, monocrystalline panels are the exception because they can produce massive amounts of power with a small strip on top. Make sure that you understand the size of your light before you purchase it. Nothing is worse than thinking you have a garden solar light and it ends up being a huge floodlight option.

  • 8. Building Materials

Solar LED floodlights may come in many different sizes, but there should only be a few materials that you trust with your lighting needs. Plastic or aluminum should be your go-to options. The aluminum casing is great to protect the device from the elements. Plastics are good too, but they are cheaper in price because of the material. Water damage is little to none for both of these options.

  • 9. Bulb Possibilities

There are a lot of bulb choices when looking for solar floodlights. Some of the top options include LED, CFL, Halogen, HPS, and MH. But, the best of the best is LED. They are energy efficiency at its finest. While consuming the least amount of energy, they also put off the greatest amount of light. They last well over 50,000 hours and its small and compact nature allow you flexibility wherever you install your solar floodlights.

  • 10. Searching Through Sensors

With solar floodlights, there are a few sensor options for you to investigate. Motion sensors are the most common. They detect motion from a certain distance away and light comes on after the fact. Adjustable PIR sensors are common, too. PIR sensors can pick up motion using range and distance to be your ally. They can detect motion from 180 up to 360 degrees in circumference.

The last sensor is the dusk to dawn option or what is called “photosensor.” When it starts to get dark outside, the device gets to work. Likewise, when the sun starts to come up, the solar floodlights turn off.


Top 10 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews:

1. 100W Solar Powered Street Flood Lights

100W Solar Flood Light Outdoor Dusk to Dawn...


These best outdoor solar flood lights are some of the best in the business. Let’s start with its high-powered nature. By using 100 watts of power, 196 LEDs, and 5,000 Lumen lights, this option is really, really bright. It can actually illuminate 300 square meters of space, making it perfect for lighting up basketball courts and football fields.

This brand uses remote control that can be controlled from 15 meters away. Additionally, there are multiple modes that you can sort through like half-bright, full bright, and timing modes from 3, 5, and 8 hours.

In terms of battery charging, it takes 8 hours in good sunshine, and it will last 10 hours from sunset to sunrise. Don’t be dismayed if it rains because the device is in a waterproof case. The installation will only take you a few minutes, depending on if you hang the device or fix it using screws. Then, you can use the 5-meter cable to connect the floodlight to the solar panel.

Highlighted Features:

  • 18-month warranty with hassle-free customer service
  • The product uses 7.2 volts of power
  • Material type is metal
  • Works between -25 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • The device weighs less than 15 pounds
  • Batteries are included with this product

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2. Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

Solar Motion Lights Outdoor 1400-Lumen LED...


This solar spot light, from DrawGreen, has a great PMMA lens that is optic-grade. It lights up an area between 45 to 60 feet. Even if it is rainy outside over the last few days, you can still expect this product to last on a low light for 2 to 3 days. This solar light is made of premium grade aluminum alloy. Compare this with other products like ABS plastic, and your product should last at least 3 years longer.

By using IP66 waterproof protection, you can be sure that your light will not be damaged by the elements. It even can withstand cold down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to the heat of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. From dusk to dawn, you expect these lights to stay on and stay bright.

With this product, expect the lights to last at least 50,000 hours. If for whatever reason your solar light malfunctions in this period of time, there is a money back guarantee on this sensor or a free replacement within 160 weeks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handles a range up to 120 degrees
  • Uses 12-volt power
  • The battery is made from lithium ion
  • Easy installation with the help of user manual
  • Detect motion nearby
  • One of the most durable products on the list

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3. MicroSolar Heavy Duty Light Fixture


Made of heavy-duty aluminum, this waterproof solar light could be the perfect solution for your home. As one of the best solar lights around, you get a product that has an output of 500 Lumens. It starts automatically as the sun goes down and shut off as the sun comes up. From 8 to 12 hours, you can expect this light to pierce through the darkness.

A MicroSolar light uses a lithium battery that will last you well over 2 years. Additionally, it runs on a 16-foot extension cable that can be grounded and mounted to a wall. Weighing in at just over 9 pounds, this product is made to last wherever you place it around your home.

If for whatever reason your battery dies, you can get ahold of MicroSolar who will replace your battery. However, the challenge will be to open up the product. At this point in time, it may be easier to use your warranty or buy a new one altogether. No matter what you decide, this light is easy to install and has a great track record when it comes to reviews.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stays on each and every night
  • Perfect for the front or back yard
  • Easy access for the on and off switch
  • Essential for lighting a sports court
  • Uses natural white LEDs


4. Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Aluminum

Solar Motion Lights Outdoor Aluminum...


It is amazing that solar lighting can use a motion detection system, but that seems to be the standard in this day and age. This product is no different. As one of the brightest solar lights on the planet, this has a range of 20 to 26 feet. But, if you turn the high-bright setting on, the distance extends 40 to 55 feet long.

Another cool option with this light includes an auto-off button. This allows for more convenience for you and less for the impending darkness. For a full charge, this sensor light only needs 5 to 6 totally hours. Even on the rainiest of days, the light will still work for up to 3 days.

If you have troubles with your product, there is a complete money-back guarantee or a replacement of the product for up to 160 weeks. This way, you can enjoy your light without any worry or hassle. To install this product, you can screw the metal mounting to your house, fence, etc. for a seamless fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Infrared motion sensor rotates 360 degrees
  • Made of aluminum and metal
  • The compatible wattages max out at 155 watts
  • Switch style uses a push button
  • The color temperature reaches 5,500 Kelvin

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5. Sunforce 82123 120-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 82123 120-LED Triple Head Solar...


If you are looking for a great adjustable solar light, this next one might be the best one for you.  You can alter this light by moving it up, down, and horizontally for lighting coverage that is as adaptable as you are. This light is perfect for sheds, pathways, garages, and much more.

The best solar flood lights do not come around that often, but you can be sure that this one will work its magic for you. This product charges using solar paneling, even if it does not receive direct sunlight. By charging during the day, it will work by night.

With every purchase, you will receive a 120 LED light, solar panel, 15-foot extension cord, hardware for mounting, and AA batteries that are rechargeable. Made of extra strong plastic, you will be sure to have a material that will last and last. At less than 3 pounds, you will be amazed that something so light will work so well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses 3.6 volts
  • Starts up with Instant-On technology
  • Batteries are located at the base of the light itself
  • Has 3-time options of 30, 60, and 120 seconds
  • Stays on for 10 to 15 seconds at a time

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6. LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light

LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light, 950LM...


Having a light that is both energy-saving and solar-powered is a power combo. You can have both with this product from LEPOWER. This product uses 2 LED lights that product light up to 950 Lumens. Additionally, you will not have to worry about the light heating up because it has heat dissipation technology to keep it cool.

Running on a lithium-ion battery, this best solar motion floodlight is rechargeable and connects with the solar panel using a 15-foot cord. With no need for electricity, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Even on cloudy, overcast days, your solar light will still charge to keep your light running all night.

This product is ultra-sensitive as a motion sensor device. Also, it has an adjustable design that ranges out to almost 50 feet. Lastly, if it rains on your device, know that this product is IP65 regulated for extra waterproofing. Sleet and snow will be no match either.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solar lighting will last up to 50,000 hours
  • Product has a 1-year warranty
  • 60-day guarantee to get all your money back
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Batteries are not needed for this product
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Light does not get very hot

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7. LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor


Another best solar-powered outdoor flood light option is from LITOM. This two-pack of lights use 54 LEDs with a motion sensor lens of 270 degrees. Additionally, the motion sensor can catch movement over 25 feet away. With lighting up to 800 Lumens, other solar light brands are no match.

As a waterproof selection, the ABS material will not corrode or breakdown. Also, when converting sunlight to energy, this product is 17% more efficient than the other leading selections. With 3 different modes of lighting, you can set your solar light to medium-light, dim-light, and a sensor mode.

These lighting modes are perfect depending on the needs you have for lighting. If you like strong powered lights, you can have it on all night. Or, if you would rather have strangers stay away, using the sensory mode for security purposes.

Make sure as you use this device that you clean snow off the panel, so the lights can work appropriately. With a 36-month warranty, all the problems you have within that time will be covered by LITOM. Lastly, with amazing customer service, you will get an emailed response back within 12 hours of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Color of this product is black
  • A lithium-ion battery helps with the solar panel charge
  • The device weighs less than 2 pounds
  • A motion sensor will stay on for 10 seconds
  • The dim setting will stay on all night


8. Findyouled Solar Spotlight


This solar spotlight from Findyouled has an output of 120 to 130 Lumens per light. While using a powerful white light, measuring out at 3,000 Kelvin, the special lenses with these LEDs can light up almost 50 feet ahead.

Made of aluminum that is cast, the black finish gives it a sleek design. Additionally, it can withstand all weather in winter, spring, summer, and fall. The reason these lights are so bright is because of the polycrystalline that is used. The energy efficiency is not only brighter, but the conversion rate is 17% better, too.

After the solar light is charged 6 to 8 hours during the day, it can run 8 to 9 hours at night. There are two ways you can install this device. First, you can stake it to the ground. The other option is mounting it to a wall and calling it a day. In each package, you will receive two solar lights and 1 remote for this great solar security light.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manual on and off switch for convenience
  • Weighs just over a pound
  • Perfect for an above-ground pool
  • Batteries are included and required
  • Can adjust the angle of the light
  • The beam of light can range from 30 to 40 degrees
  • This device uses low-light technology


9. GUARDIAN 580X Solar Security Floodlight

Solar Security Light LED Motion Sensor...


These 6 watts, 84-piece LED floodlight could be a perfect addition for you and your home. Best solar LED flood lights are few and far between to find, but this one is a true winner. With the use of a motion sensor, you can function the dim mode, which lasts for 7 to 12 hours, or the normal operation mode. With lumen ranges from 55 to 730, there really is not anything this light can’t do.

A cool option with this light is the 3 LED choices. The choices are green, blue, and red for you to decide what you like best. Green is great if you want dusk to dawn floodlight, while blue is great for motion-triggered full-bore lighting. The red option is for motion lighting that uses a dim feature.

When installing this device, you will notice it will only take a few minutes. With your purchase, you will receive a cable to help with your motion sensor needs. Also, you can customize your light to make it work for you and your lifestyle.

With a waterproof IP65 design, it will hold up year after year, no matter if you live in the tropics or in snow country. The die-cast design allows for stability with this sturdy construction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel parts are anti-corrosive
  • The product weighs just over 2 pounds
  • Batteries are include
  • Uses 6 volts
  • Essential for outdoor floodlight security

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10. High Power 1,000 Lumen Solar Motion LED Floodlight

RuggedGrade High Power 1000 Lumen Solar...


A best outdoor solar light alternative is this choice from RuggedGrade. First, this light is one of the brightest around. With over 1,000 Lumens, this product is super heavy-duty. 10 watts of LED power run this floodlight with ease. If you are looking to light up your business or home, this product is great for backyards, driveways, and so much more.

One thing that sets this floodlight apart from others is the fact that it has 4 modes. To adjust through the different mode, make sure to hold down the button for 3 seconds and then you will be able to sort through your options. Option #1 puts full brightness into motion, while number two uses 500 Lumens. The third option lights up 1,000 Lumens, while the fourth option turns the device off.

At the end of the day, this light comes on when the sun goes down and uses a sensor to charge the device up. To install the product, you can adjust it the way you want without the help of an electrician.

Highlighted Features:

  • Certified by CE and ROHS
  • Uses IP65 waterproofing material
  • Charges with a lithium-ion battery
  • Color temperature totals to 5,000 Kelvin
  • Installation works through a wall mount

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11. LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor


Highlighted Features:

  • Sold to over 4 million customers
  • Motion detector last for up to 20 seconds
  • Lights last over 3 years
  • Protected by IP65 waterproofing material
  • Uses 3 different setting modes
  • Certified by the FCC
  • Illumination can range by 270 degrees


12. SURSUN Outdoor Solar Powered Pathway Bright White


Highlighted Features:

  • Great energy savers that provide 8 to 10 hours of lighting
  • Charge only takes 6 to 8 hours
  • Weather resistant enough to keep corrosion away
  • 12-month replacements free of charge if the product breaks
  • Weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Waterproof grade is IP44
  • Highly recommended for flower beds


13. MAXSA Solar-Powered 10-Hour Floodlight

Maxsa 40330 80LM 12 LED Solar-Powered Dusk to...


Highlighted Features:

  • Turn on automatically during the nighttime
  • No wiring needed for this device
  • No electricity needed, just energy from the sun
  • A perfect do-it-yourself project
  • 10-foot extension for great mounting help
  • The device weighs in at 2 pounds
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America

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14. Solar Security Light 80 LEDs Outdoor 

SUNLONG Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor...


Highlighted Features:

  • Light brightens up to 800 Lumens
  • Extension cable reaches over 16 feet
  • The battery will last well over 2 years
  • The sensor can reach over 30 feet
  • The security light will last from sundown to sunrise
  • Includes a replacement warranty or money-back guarantee
  • Resistant to wind, heat, water, and cold

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15. ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor

ZOOKKI Solar Outdoor Lights -120°...


Highlighted Features:

  • A key pin allows you to get your solar light started
  • This light includes 28 LEDs that are ultra-bright
  • Light can last over 5,000 hours
  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Warranty is for 24 months
  • Uses 400 Lumens of light
  • Can sense motion over 25 feet away

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16. URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, 40 LED Motion...


Highlighted Features:

  • Heatproof and waterproof using IP64 technology
  • The solar panel will last for 5 years
  • These solar LED floodlights have an automated switch
  • Have 8 LED lights include in the product
  • Installs with only a few screws
  • Unlocks with a key pin
  • Weighs just over 1 pound

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17. Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoors

Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor - 800Lumens...


Highlighted Features:

  • Solar spotlights are perfect for a garden or patio
  • Charges in 5 to 6 hours of time
  • Can detect movement in a 120-degree range
  • Uses 800 Lumens of brightness
  • A lithium-ion battery can be replaced
  • Includes 2 working modes to sort through
  • Is IP66 Waterproof compatible

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Maintenance of Solar Flood Lights

Maintenance of Solar Flood Lights

Cleaning and maintain your best solar flood lights should be a top priority for you.  Even though there are not a lot of moving parts to deal with, there are some things to keep up-to-date with. If you have your lighting system on an angle, there could be problems with debris and dirt building up on your panels. Cleaning is essential at this point, or your floodlights will not work appropriately.

Start by hosing off the solar panels. This will wet the surface, so you can wash away excess dirt and grime on your way to clean panels. Next, use a soft bristle for cleaning. With the help of soapy water, you can scrub the panels for extra cleaning power. If there are spots that will not come off, do not scrub too hard. You may break the panel. Instead, use your fingers to gently remove the build-up. Also, allowing the soap to soak on the panel can help, too.

When you are done using the soapy solution, rinse off the panels against, so no residue of dust and/or soap if left to cause problems. At this point, a squeegee can help to get all the water off the panels, or you can let them air dry if it is a nice sunny day.

Another maintenance you may run into is checking if your panels have a good connection to the floodlights. Over time, animals can chew at the wiring, there could be vandalism, or weather can eat away at your product. Replacement parts and/or repair may be in your future. Depending on what you think, refurbishing your solar panel floodlights may be a good option, but it might be just as good to buy a new one, depending on the price and your budget.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Flood Lights

FAQs Solar Flood Lights

Q-1: How will an outdoor solar light benefit me?

  • Installation is a huge benefit to this product. You will not have to spend hours wiring floodlights like you would have to with traditional electric floodlights. Because of little need for wires and connecting to another power source, solar energy is one of the best hands-free options on the market. You will save on your energy bill, too.
  • Safety is another benefit of having solar panel floodlights. Without the need for electricity, you will be safe putting these types of lights near water like swimming pools, streams, and ponds.

Q-2: How long will my solar floodlights last for?

  • This really varies from brand to brand. 50,000 light hours seems to be pretty standard across the market, but the product can go a lot longer than that. Some brands even have warranties from 2 to 3 years. The batteries will give out over time. Now, some are easy to replace, but others mean it is time to buy a new solar floodlight.

Q-3: What is the best way to customize my solar lights?

  • There are a few ways to customize your solar lights to make them the best they can be. First, you need to make calculate when the sunshine hours will hit your solar paneling. Next, you should also estimate how much rain you get. Depending on the brand, some solar floodlights can withstand a few days without a sunny charge for light, but others need the sun’s energy every day for it to work.
  • Knowing the brightness of your LED lamp can help, too. There are a variety of options to consider with many going up into the thousands of Lumens. Also, you need to decide how long you want your lights to be on. Many can work up to 10 hours at a time.
  • The height of your solar panel floodlights makes a difference, too. The less they are unimpeded to the sun, the more they can charge and bring your light. Visualize or take a picture of the area you want to install your device, giving you clarity on the best placement for you.

Q-4: Do I need to charge the batteries when my product comes in?

  • In most cases, the batteries are already charged at some point. When you put the solar panel in the sun, the sun itself will do the rest of the charging.

Q-5: How bright should the floodlights be?

  • For this answer, it depends on how much light space you are looking to cover. The mounting of your light and your plan for using the light will make a difference here, too. When it comes to security lights, you should have a product that runs on 700 to 1,300 Lumens. But, a little dimmer or a little brighter is not a problem either.
  • If motion sensor lights are more your jam, have Lumens between 300 and 700, but the brighter the better in this instance. Do you want your solar power floodlights to light landscape areas or as path lights? 50 to 300 Lumens is perfect for this category. You can even have them dimmer if you choose.


Final Verdict

The best solar flood lights truly are the ones that save you on your electric bill and are safe to use. With so many on the market, it can be daunting when trying to figure out what is best for your situation. But, now that you have read through this reviewer’s buying guide, you should be well on your way to success. So, go out there, do your homework, and come home with the solar floodlights that will make you proud.

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