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The 6 Best Twin Gear Juicers in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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You’re probably wondering if you even need a twin-gear juicer or if it’s worth considering. Well, if you’re a health or beauty conscious person who values the health benefits of drinking fresh, nutritious veggies and fruit juices then you’ll need to invest one of the best twin gear juicers into your mental and physical health this year.

Your next question would be if they’re expensive, difficult to maintain and whether if it would be hard to find the right one. The good news is, we’ve done all the research for you and listed only high-quality and reliable juicers that will give you great value for your money.

Now that you’ve considered getting a juicer, you’re in the right place and won’t need to look further than this complete review on the top 6 products out there. So, sit back and relax as we’ve got you covered…



Best Twin Gear Juicers: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying Twin Gear Juicers

To get the most out of your twin gear juicer, there are some factors that you’ll need to consider before you even get or purchase one. There are many juicers out there that might claim to have one or two values that make them stand out from the competition but if you’re after the best twin gear juicer that will meet your needs and work for your counter space, you’ll need to look out for some specific features. With that being said, here are the factors to consider when you’re in the market for a twin gear juicer:

  • Rotation Speed [RPM]

The RPM of your twin gear juicer is an important factor but probably not in the way you might think. What we mean is, instead of going for a twin gear juicer that has a high RPM, you should be looking out for one that has got a lower RPM. Why? Well, a lower RPM won’t disturb the cellular structure of your fruits and veggies and so, you’re guaranteed that the vital enzymes and nutrients stay intact. This allows you to get your juice in its most natural form. Our advice? Go for twin gear juicers that have about lower RPMs over those with higher RPMs.

  • Size

Knowing the size of the twin gear juicer you want will ensure that you can fit it in nicely in the space that you have to store it. If you don’t have enough counter space, it might look out of place to have a huge juicer taking up all the space. So, if your space matters to you, keep an eye on the structure and size of the twin gear juicer you’re considering especially if it comes with extra attachments. If you’re looking for a sleek and more streamlined juicer, we recommend the Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite that we’ve discussed in this article.

  • Weight

Just as we’ve discussed the size of juicers, not all juicers weigh the same. Some are quite heavy to move around and so, if you’re planning on moving your twin gear juicer regularly, then you should be looking at getting a lightweight juicer. To help you decide, we recommend the Samson Green Power KPE1304 as it’s quite lightweight and weighs about 14.2 pounds.

  • Extra Attachments or Accessories

If you’re looking to do more with your juicer beyond juicing regular fruits and veggies, then you’ll need to ensure that the twin gear juicer you’re considering comes with extra attachments or accessories for that purpose. This will leave enough room for you to do more with your juicer and make some extra excellent food solutions and juices from the same appliance.

  • Anti-Jamming and Pulp Ejection

High-quality juicers tend to allow for a better and more efficient juicing process but there are also moments when even the best twin gear juicer will end up jammed if not used correctly. So, if you go for a twin gear juicer that comes with anti-jamming functions, you can rest assured that if it gets jammed, it would be easily rectified without causing any damage to your juicer.

When making a choice, look out for those juicers that have both anti-reverse and anti-jamming features and if the juicer gives you control over its speed then that’s even better as you’d easily prevent such situations from coming up. For example, the two Super Angel juicers discussed in this article come with anti-jamming functions and the other juicers mentioned also have anti-reserve properties for this purpose.

In the case of pulp ejection, juicers that come with external collection bins will give you more room to keep juicing without stopping to empty their internal basket.

  • Ease of Use and Cleaning

Juicers that come with large feed chutes and a small number of parts will make it easy for you to clean them. They’re also easy to put together and you won’t need to chop up your fruits or veggies into tiny bits before putting them in.

With that being said, the best twin gear juicers might seem more challenging to use than other juicers but once you get the hang of it, everything flows easily from there. By taking your time to carefully read the instructions, you’ll be able to see how far you’ll need to disassemble the juicer to get it cleaned or if some of the parts are dishwasher safe as well.

  • Juice Quality and Yield

Without any arguments, a juicer with high juice yield and quality will be its ultimate selling point. You’ll need to take the materials used in constructing the juicer into consideration by ensuring that the parts that ill come in contact with your juice are made from high-grade stainless steel or food-grade plastics and are completely free from plastic toxins or rusty metals.

Also, the amount of air sucked in when your juicer is operating will determine how much nutrients from your fruits or veggies are broken down.

If you see signs of foam appearing at the top of your juicing container as your juicer is working then your juice won’t last past 24 hours and that it means a lot of air was sucked in by the juicer. A juicer that doesn’t suck in much air will allow the nutrients in your juice to be retained for 72 hours and give you a better taste or flavor.


Benefits of Having a Twin Gear Juicer

We all know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables makes for a healthy life and health authorities even back this up by recommending that our daily dietary intake should include about 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables. However, meeting up this daily requirement isn’t always easy for everyone for different reasons.

While some people wouldn’t mind consuming one fruit or vegetable after the other, others aren’t so interested in consuming them one after the other. That’s where juicing comes in. For example, if you’re suffering from impaired digestion, juicing your fruits and veggies will help a lot as it helps to pre-digest them thereby making it easy for your system to digest.

Another benefit is that if you find it hard to consume vegetables, it’s easier when it’s a glass of juice and you’ll only need to drink it up. If you also detest the tastes of some vegetables or fruits, juicing them with other fruits and vegetables will help to neutralize that taste you don’t like.

Now that you know all there’s to gain from juicing your fruits and veggies, having a twin gear juicer is best. You won’t only get to have long-lasting juices but also enjoy versatility as it can handle almost anything from soft fruits to hard fruits/veggies like carrots or even celery. With a twin gear juicer, you won’t also need to worry about losing any of the vital enzymes or nutrients during the juicing process as they will remain intact.


Top 6 Best Twin Gear Juicers Reviews:

1. Super Angel Premium Deluxe Juicer


There are only a few juicers available on the market that do a great job when it comes to juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass and the Super Angel Premium Deluxe isn’t an exception. You might be wondering why, despite its high cost, it remains a top choice for many juicing aficionados. Well, it’s simple…it has a top-notch performance and durability. This twin-gear juicer is made from high-quality materials that eliminate all chances of heavy stains and damage from occurring.

Its stainless-steel material makes it quite easy to clean and its gears [also made from solid steel] function at 82-speed rounds per minute [RPM]. Although this is half the speed of other regular triturating juicers, the strength of the gear and slow speeds still makes grinding of fruits and vegetables easy and smooth. It also emits little heat which won’t destroy the enzymes and nutrients in your juice. Once the juicer’s temperature starts to rise, its thermal sensor detects the temperature change and the cooling system is automatically activated to lower the temperature.

What we like about the Super Angel Premium Deluxe is its anti-jamming system which means it can decrease or increase its speed and change its rotating direction to prevent jamming. However, we advise that you cut the ingredients before adding them in as its feeding chute is small.

Also, when juicing hard fruits like apples, beets, and carrots, you’ll need to apply some energy to push them down the feed chute and that’s all you’ll need to do to get the perfect juice with its enzymes and nutrients still intact. If you’ve been looking for the ideal juicer for making healthy options for your family, then this is the juicer for you.

Key Features:

  • An anti-jamming system.
  • An automatic cooling system.
  • An automatic thermal sensor.
  • It has a standard extracting screen for fruits and vegetables.
  • Its soft fruit extracting screen with large holes makes it easy to juice soft fruits.
  • Its nut butter grinding attachment is ideal for making baby food, frozen fruit sorbets, nut butter, and dessert.


2. Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite Juicer

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5010 Elite Slow...


If you’re looking for the best twin gear masticating juicer out there, then the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5010 should top your list. It comes with stainless-steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears and will process your fruits and veggies at a slow 110 RPM which cuts down on oxidation and the breakdown of the nutrients that are being squeezed out.

This means you can get fresh and quality juices while still preserving the vitamins and enzymes that allow for a longer shelf-life and a better taste as well.

Its attachments turn it into a food processor or what you can call a ‘homogenizer’ and this increases its versatility to allow you to make salsa, frozen sorbets or pasta if you want.  So, how does it work? Well, once the fruits or veggies pass through the feed chute, they get sliced by the pocket recesses. The GSE also prevents clogging up of fibers – – which is usually common with other juicers – – as its cutting points help to cut even the smallest pieces of vegetables.

Next, its strong gear teeth crush your fruits/veggies and squeeze out the juice. To increase the pressure needed for pulp ejection when juicing hard fruits like carrots, you can make use of its adjusting knob but if you’re juicing leafy greens or soft fruits, you’ll need to remove the adjusting knob.

The GSE-5010 is an ideal choice if you want to get a twin-gear juicer for business purposes and even for personal needs. Since it produces tasty and thick juices, you’ll be able to please even the hard-to-please juice enthusiasts. That’s not all, it will sit neatly on your kitchen countertop without looking out of place.

Key Features:

  • It has stainless steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears.
  • It works at 110RPM.
  • Its gears have 3 stages of mastication.
  • An automatic pulp ejection system.
  • The teeth of the twin gears are designed with pocket recesses for easier processing of hard fruits or vegetables.

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3. Samson Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer...


The Samson Green Power KPE1304 should top your list if you’re looking for a budget-friendly twin gear juicer that won’t also take up a lot of space. One of the best things about this juicer is its noiselessness and so, you can juice quietly without waking up the whole house. Made from the most reliable and high-quality materials, the KPE1304’s twin gears come with recessed cutting teeth and a ¼ HP motor that spins at 160 RPM.

Its large chute feeds your fruits and veggies into a machine with bio-ceramic and magnetic technology that helps to maintain its nutrients and minimize oxidation to ensure that you get healthier juices. Although it easily gets clogged, there’s nothing to worry about as cleaning it is quite easy.

With its powerful motor, two separate screens for fruits and vegetables, and its pressure adjusting knob, the KPE1304 can process anything. Since it has small gears, it works better for leafy greens than harder and thicker vegetables like ginger or carrot.

When it comes to versatility, this compact juicer wins over other twin gear juicers with its nozzle pairings for dry and water produce, extra hole-less screen for making nut paste, and separate openings for noodles and juice. You can also use it for your baby food, desserts, and mochi if you need to.

With its low rotation speeds, lesser heat is generated through the rotation and so, the vital nutrients and enzymes in your vegetables or fruits are preserved. If you love waking up to take in some super nutrients before the sun is up without waking up the whole house or your neighbor, then the Green Power Twin Gear juicer is yours for the win.

Key Features:

  • Bio-ceramic and magnetic technology.
  • Noiseless operation at 60dB.
  • It comes with three screens for better fruit and vegetable processing.
  • Automatic pulp extraction.
  • Large feeding chute.

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4. Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Juicer

Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502 Greenstar...


If you’re looking for one of the best twin gear juicers out there that come with extra features and more versatility, then the Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro is worth considering. With its stainless-steel twin gears, the GS-P502 offers a bio-ceramic technology for better durability without sacrificing your juice’s quality.

Its jumbo twin gears rotate at a low 110 RPM thereby generating a small amount of heat while juicing to delay oxidation and maintain high nutritional content in your juice so that it can remain fresh for about 72 hours without fermenting.

The GS-P502 stainless-steel twin gears have special points that imitate how the human mastication system works. Its teeth have a special pocket recess that helps in the breakdown of hard vegetables, like carrots, and also creates a sharp edge at the initial grinding process to reduce the amount of strain imparted by the motor when processing hard fruits or vegetables.

The cutting points on the gears makes juice extraction more efficient without getting jammed or clogged. Its adjusting knob makes this possible as you’d be able to adjust the needed amount of pressure for pulp ejection.

What’s more? Its twin gears can also function as a food processor, thanks to its extra attachments that turn this juicer into a homogenizing machine which lets you get more out of your juicer by turning it into a versatile kitchen tool.

So, you don’t only get to juice but you can also create excellent recipes like pate, baby food, butter, and sorbets or even a delicious dessert for your family with the unmatched versatility of the GS-P502. If you’re also looking for a durable twin gear juicer that won’t take much time when it comes to cleaning it and juicing your fruits/veggies, then you’ve got a winner.

Key Features:

  • It comes with homogenizing attachments.
  • Stainless-steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears.
  • An easy-to-clean locking mechanism.
  • Gears rotate at a slow 110 RPM for efficient juicing.
  • Automatic pulp extraction.

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5. Super Angel Pro Stainless-Steel Juicer


The Super Angel Pro comes from the same family as the Super Angel Premium Deluxe, the only difference is that it has got a lower price range. Just like the Deluxe, the Super Angel Pro is also one of the most attractive juicers out there, with sleek stainless-steel parts that were handcrafted with excellent accuracy and design.

The juicer is made of food-grade stainless steel in and out, which counts for its durability and also takes away the concerns of those hormone-disturbing chemicals that are often found in plastics.

The Super Angel Pro comes with some smart automatic features; an automatic cooling system to prevent overheating, a self-controlling automatic motor thermal sensor, an anti-jamming system to prevent overloading, and an automatic reverse function that reverses the gears rotation direction when it gets jammed.

Its rotating speed never exceeds 82 RPM – – which is the lowest speed among other juicers. This alone is enough to lower the chances of its motor getting hot and reducing heat transfers to the juice so that you’re getting all the micro-nutrients and enzymes fresh and active.

The difference in its quality from the Deluxe is too little for you to see but this juicing machine still produces the best cold-pressed juice and that’s not all, you’ll notice that you’re also getting more juice as you expect from the same amount of fruits or vegetables.

The only drawback with this model is its compact design, which is elegant but makes it tend to tip forward if you apply too much pressure with its pusher.  Asides from that, if you’ve been eyeing the Super Angel Deluxe but you can’t afford it then the Super Angel Pro will please you as the brand has added some upgrades and modifications to make improve this juicer’s total efficiency.

Key Features:

  • An anti-jamming system.
  • Automatic reverse function.
  • An automatic cooling system.
  • A self-controlling automatic motor thermal sensor.
  • Its gears rotate at a slow 82 RPM.


6. Omega VSJ843QS Vert Slow Masticating Juicer

Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Masticating 43 RPM...


The Omega VSJ843QS is one of the slowest vertical masticating juicers out of Omega’s previous juicing machines. It operates at 43 RPM which is half the speed of other regular slow juicers. It has an Automatic Wiping System [AWS] that’s powered by its twin-winged auger. The AWS rotates as the machine is running and with its silicone wiping blades, get rid of pulp from its juicing screen.

The VSJ843QS will slowly separate the juice from your fruits/veggies and maintain its integrity so that your juice is packed with flavor, micronutrients, and vitamins. Since the ejected pulp also gets parched, you’ll be getting the highest juice output possible from your fruits or veggies.

Its juicing screen is more compact and made from stainless steel with smaller mesh holes that ensure that you’re left with less pulp in your juice. The juicer’s compact size is ideal enough for it to be stored under your cabinets without hassles and takes up less space than other horizontal masticating juicers.

The auger and other plastic parts of the juicing screen are made from Ultem plastic – – a strong plastic that’s about eight times stronger than regular plastics. Don’t worry, the plastic parts that touch your food are BPA-free. It comes with a juice tap that makes it easy for you to mix your juice with nut milk [if you want] inside the extractor before it flows out into your glass.

Indeed, masticating juicers are well-known to operate at lower noise levels than other juicers, but after carrying out our research, we discovered that this juice maker is even quieter than the previous Omega masticating juicers. The only sound you’d hear is the soft whir of its motor and the crunching sounds of your fruits and veggies. Looking for the best vertical juicer or want to try something new? Then, you can rest easy now as your search has ended.

Key Features:

  • It rotates at a slow speed of 43 RPM.
  • It comes with a dual-edged auger that improves overall juice yield.
  • An auto-cleaning system.
  • It has a juice tap.
  • BPA-free juicing bowl.
  • An automatic pulp ejection system.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Do the Materials Used in Making Twin Gear Juicers Make the Juice Taste Better?

The materials used in making your twin gear juicer matters a lot as you’ll need to ensure that it stays rust-free throughout its lifespan. With that said, always go for juicers that are made from surgical-grade steel or bio-ceramic steel instead of regular stainless steel.

This will help you stay confident that your juice only contains the fruits and veggies in it and not rusted pieces of metal. This makes for better taste and health. Even if there are plastic parts that will touch your juice, ensure that they are food-grade or BPA-free.

Q-2: How Do I Clean the Clogged Holes of the Twin Gear’s Screens?

If the holes are extremely clogged: We don’t recommend you using harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the clogged holes of your twin gear’s screens but if it’s extremely clogged with calcium/minerals from your fruits and veggies, you can do the following:

  • Soak only the screen area in a mixture of water and bleach at a bleach/water ratio of 1:1 for over 6 hours. This will help to loosen the clogged holes so you can remove the debris using a clean bristle brush or toothbrush.
  • Next, wash the screen area under running water and then soak in clean water again for over 6 hours ago. This will remove all signs of bleach from the screen area and make it safe for juicing again.

If the holes are not extremely clogged: You can follow the same steps as above but this time:

  • Make use of baking soda instead of bleach at a baking soda/water ratio of 2:8 and leave overnight. This will help to loosen the scaling and make it much easier for you yo brush off the debris by using a clean bristle brush or toothbrush.
  • You can also spray some extra baking soda powder on the screen’s surface while brushing off the debris for a better result.

Q-3: What Is A Twin Gear Juicer Best For?

You can use a twin gear juicer on almost all types of fruits and vegetables but they are more effective at extracting juice from fruits/veggies with harder consistency, like carrots or apples. Thanks to its extra motor horsepower, you won’t need to do so much pre-preparation. The slow RPM and precision of the twin gears will slowly pull in the fruit and veggies and then, efficiently juice them.

Most of these juicers are designed to be multifunctional/versatile and so, you can also make use of their extra accessories or attachments for processing other foods. For example, the Samson Green Power KPE1304 discussed in this article has been designed to be quite versatile and so you can even use it for making pasta noodles, salsa, nut butter, and frozen sorbets.

Q-4: What Do I Do with the Pulp from the Juicer?

If you’re wondering if you must throw out the pulp left in your juicer after juicing, then you don’t need to if you’d want to make use of the pulp left. You can try any of these instead:

  • You can use the pulp in making a vegetable broth.
  • You can use it for burgers or in making veggie fritters.
  • You can mix it into your sweets or baked goods.
  • You can use it in making dog treats for your furry friend.
  • You can add some to your smoothies to add pump up their fiber content.
  • Use it in making fruity ice cubes.
  • You can turn it into a dip.

Q-5: What Is A Masticating Juicer?

Other names for masticating juicers are cold press juicers and slow juicers. They help to extract nutrients from the fruits/veggies you feed into it by pressing, squeezing, and chewing them. The juice then flows into a juice bowl or jug and the pulp is ejected into another container. Masticating juicers work efficiently for both hard-fleshed and soft fruits and they are also great for juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens. The juice produced can last for 72 hours in a refrigerator.


Final Verdict

With our detailed product reviews and comprehensive buying guide to back you up, you can feel more confident about making your ideal choice of a twin gear juicer.

Looking for more juice yield and quality from your fruits/veggies? Then you should consider the Super Angel Deluxe. Want a more sleek and modern design? Or do you want to go on a commercial scale with your juicer? Then we recommend the Tribest GSE-5010.

Whatever your needs, budget, or tastes, these are the best twin gear juicers out there that will fit the bill perfectly.

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