A Liar Cowboy Story

A Liar Cowboy Story

Once there lived a cowboy in a small village. There was a forest beside the village. In one corner of that forest, there was a large tree. He sat under that large tree every day, while his flock of cows grazed on the grass of the meadow. He passed his time in this way. He …

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Qualities of A Good Student

23 Qualities of A Good Student

Students are the leaders of the next generation of any nation. Hence, they have to be groomed and trained to be people with excellent qualities. However, in order to respond as required to the lessons thought by coaches, parents, and teachers, students must possess the following 23 great qualities to become good students. Qualities of …

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Unity is Strength

Essay on Unity is Strength

Unity is strength! Just thinking of this proverb opens one’s mind to many possibilities to acquire its meaning. Throughout history, unity is the one factor that never lacks. Whether it is on the side of the slaves or oppressors, religious groups, strong kingdoms and so on. Even today, unity is what we share to emerge …

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How to Learn English

How to Learn English Fast: 17 Tips

English is the by default global language. Most people have basic comprehension when it comes to English. However, without proper fluency, you will not be able to use it to your advantage. We would today share with you four simple skills which you need to master to learn the English language. These are: Listening Speaking …

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