How to Launch a Beyblade

How to Launch a Beyblade: A Short Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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The younger generation cannot do without exciting things like playing games. One of the best games that interest children are Beyblade. It involves spinning its top inside a stadium where two people compete as the best spinner. It is so exciting to the fact that it’s still a mega-hit among young people today. Also, if you are looking for an ideal gift for your kid, it is best for gifting. Unfortunately, launching the Beyblade is like an uphill task for many youngsters. In this article, you shall get insight into how to launch a Beyblade. You may need to continue reading.



Launching a Beyblade

To play the game, you need good Beyblade and launcher. Unfortunately, many players think that to enjoy a top match, you only need an arena and a perfect Beyblade. Though they are also important, they do not qualify you to play a good Beyblade game. It would be best if you also had an excellent launcher. For example, you get able to control your Beyblade better if the launcher you are using has a firm grip. You also get able to perform tricky shots quickly and efficiently.

With the right launcher, defeating the defense top usually at the stadium’s center is like a downhill task. Even though the stamina Beyblade is absent. Ripcord launcher is the popular type and uses pull strings to create more force and the number of spins. If you use a string launcher on a defense Beyblade, its stability increases. But if combined with the stamina type, it lasts even longer than the usual stamina kinds. Launching Beyblades comes in different styles. Are you wondering what they are? If you are buying Beyblades for your kids, you need to make sure that they get good at it. To do so, you need to know the various launching styles as they indicate how good you are in playing Beyblade. They include the following:

  1. Parallel Launch

With this launch, you get to begin by inclining the Beyblade using the launcher level and at parallel to your floor. While at this position, the top spins at high speed, making your blade to circle quickly and fast towards the stadium’s outside. But if your opponent stays at the stadium’s center, and is using the defense Beyblade type, you get to lose your momentum fast than your competitor. On collision, your blade’s speed gets slow while your opponent’s don’t get affected.

  1. Weak Shooting

It is similar to the parallel launch except that the ripcord gets pulled slower than usual. As a result, the Beyblade gets to go at a leisure pace where you don’t understand its movement’s clear pattern. It is the reason why it’s the perfect launch against an attacking opponent.

  1. Banking Launch

In this type, your launcher must stay in parallel with your Beystadium’s angle.

  1. Sliding Launch

It is the trickiest type of launch. Unlike the banking launch, you need to continue pushing the launcher forward. As a result, your blade receives more energy that makes it spin in a flower shape manner. It is ideal for attack blades because they collide with your opponent’s blades.

With a lot of practice and knowledge about the Beyblade, you become a champion in this game. The most important technique to know that makes you an excellent Beyblade player is how to launch it. To knock your opponent out, you need to know some launching tips. Are you interested in knowing them? No need to fret; they include the following;

  • Go for a launcher with a long ripcord and handle. Then with all your strength, use steady hands to launch it. In return, your Bey will get an enormous spinning power. The handle prevents your hands from getting burnt while pulling the cord.
  • Always wait for about a minute after your opponent launches his or her Bey before starting yours. Regarding this, your Beyblade will have more power to attack that of your opponent.
  • Launching your Beyblade right-angled always produces lasting, faster, and powerful spins.
  • While launching your Beyblade, try a powerful launch that will make the Bey hit the stadium’s wall. When a Beyblade sins fast, it hits the stadium’s wall and bounces back with extra speed. As a result, it gets to knock your opponent’s Bey off its track.

With the above knowledge on various Beyblade launches, you can now decide what works better for you or your children. But it would be better to gain insight on more than one or all launching types. As a result, you can easily knock out your opponent. Also, to be the best Beyblade launcher, you should apply the above tips. In addition to launching your Bey properly, you should have the best Beyblade and stadium to enjoy an exciting and quality game. The following are the launching instructions;

Launch Instruction

The launcher comes with a hole labeled “IN.” Put the ripcord inside that hole. Then place the Bey in the launcher and route gently. It will help to lock in the Bey’s position. Use your left hand to hold the launcher and position it over the stadium firmly. Ensure that the Beyblade directly faces the stadium. While still holding the launcher with your left hand, remove the ripcord gently. When the Beyblade starts moving, avoid touching it, or interrupting its movement. Always keep off the stadium during the Beyblades battle.


Though Beyblade is an old game, it is still popular today with both the young and older generations. Its style is not only exciting but also enhances concentration and creativity. As illustrated above, to become a guru in playing Beyblade, you should not only have a great stadium and Bey but also know how to launch. Because launching a Bey comes in different styles as described above, you should know at least one launching method. But to be on the safe side, it is best to know various launching styles. Beyblades also act as perfect products for gifting and especially to children. If you or your kids love playing Bey but have no idea on how to launch one, the above styles and tips will help.

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