Importance of Education

Importance of Education in Our Life

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The importance of education in life and society has increased tremendously over the years. Many people think that just because we live in a complex industrialized society, the importance of education has diminished. This is not true at all. Even though the exact importance of education in life and society might not be visible in each and every aspect of our life but it is definitely there. Over the years, the objective, as well as the benefits of education, might have changed but it still plays a very crucial role in society and life. We will today go into some of the reasons why education still holds a very high place in our society and lives.

Why is Education So Important in Our Life?

  • Amalgamating into Society:

The family of the child alone cannot complete the socialization process. It is only when the child is able to interact with other children and students away from the home premises; they are able to truly socialize. The process of socialization plays a very important role later on in the life of the child.

With the help of schools as well as the education system, the child starts interacting with other individuals in the society. This is one of the primary reasons why education plays a very important role in the life of the child right from the start. Social skills which a child is able to learn during the initial years of exploring the outside world play a very important role in shaping his/her future.

With the help of the social skills, the child is able to amalgamate better into the society. The bonds which he/she creates during those early years go a long way in life. They help the child in making a place in the society. Thus, the educational system helps them by amalgamating themselves into the society.

  • Creating a Social Personality:

During the initial years, the school is the only way in which the child can make friends as well as create bonds. If you really want your child to be an extrovert and socially confident person, the school is one of the best places to enroll your child in. Moreover, with the help of educational knowledge which he or she procures, they will become more self-confident in interacting with others which will help them lead a more socially fulfilling life.

  • Earning a Livelihood:

Being able to earn a livelihood is at the top of the list for most parents. One of the main reasons why we enroll kids in schools, as well as colleges, is to ensure that they are fully capable of earning a living. When they are able to contribute to society as well as the business/local community by way of working, they will be able to earn a livelihood.

When they are self-dependent rather than dependent on someone else, they will be able to lead a more economically fulfilling life. They will also be able to climb not the just social ladder but also the financial ladder as well. Education helps them immensely in becoming financially independent of their parents or their relatives. Thus, being able to earn a livelihood is one of the most important benefits of formal education.

  • Propagation of Knowledge:

The transfer of knowledge from one generation to another is imperative for us to succeed as a society. Only with the help of a formal educational system, can this transfer of knowledge continue from one generation to another. Without a formal education, the knowledge will fall through the cracks and will not be passed on for generations. Thus, gaining a formal education not only helps the individual but also society in general.

  • Innovating:

Consistent innovation in different fields and industries is a necessity for our society to progress from generation to generation. The educational system imparts the required knowledge among the students to continue this task further.

The formal educational system not only apprises the students of the current realm of knowledge in a particular field but also helps them know the current boundaries. Only when the individuals know the current boundaries, they are able to break the barriers and innovate. Thus, the formal educational system also helps the students innovate in each and every field.

Without formal education, most of the students will not have a sound foundation to innovate on. They will just be moving in rounds trying to reinvent the wheel rather than developing new products based on an existing technology foundation. That is why the educational system which we have currently enables individuals to develop newer solutions as well as innovate.

  • Understanding Other Cultures:

Our educational system treats students from each and every culture equally. It imparts a very important lesson among the students that irrespective of the caste, creed as well as background of the individual, he/she is actually the same as you. The educational system does not discriminate between students on the basis of their background. The educational system values each and every student based on their merit.

With the help of such a system, students can set aside their cultural differences. This helps them appreciate the cultural differences rather than criticize them when they study in a multicultural educational system.

In a nutshell, one of the most important teachings of the formal educational system is that an individual should be valued by their merits rather than their background.

  • Living a Dignified Life:

The knowledge which we gain through education helps us live a more fulfilling life. Normally, the students who graduate with degrees or diplomas are able to get jobs more easily. As a result, they are able to become self-dependent rather than dependent on someone else.

Moreover, our education system also provides us with multiple opportunities to gain the skill which helps us change our career/jobs. This ensures that even if you make the wrong choice, by reskilling or gaining new knowledge with the help of the formal educational system, you will be able to lead a dignified life. The role of education in our life is much more imperative as it helps us to lead a more dignified and self-dependent life.

  • Learning Social Values:

With the help of proper formal education, various social values are inculcated in children. The social values which are inculcated in children at a very young age are imbibed into their character. As a result, they are able to live by these values throughout their life. It helps them build their character which is a Herculean benefit of our educational system. Children are able to learn about values like:

  • Co-operation
  • Teamwork
  • Fair Play
  • Self-discipline
  • Dignity of labor
  • Self-confidence
  • Treating others with respect
  • Punctuality
  • And much more


Final Verdict

Thus, the educational system puts a lot of emphasis on education being a medium of not just earning a livelihood but also becoming a better individual. With the help of social values, an individual is able to change his/her thinking and respect others in order to create a more harmonious society.

Thus, even though many people these days underestimate the importance of education in life and society but the truth is, the importance is remained intact if not grown. The above reasons which we mentioned are just a few of the reasons why education is still important in our society and life. Over the years, only the viewpoints might have changed but the importance of education in our life and society has only grown in more ways than one.

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