Importance of Trees

Importance of Trees Essay

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Trees are of priceless important to humans and environments. We need trees for clean water, clean air, shelter, and healthy food. Trees offer shelter to a number of floras and faunas. You use wood for heating and cooking. These are also used in the construction work. In brief, trees have social, cultural, environmental, spiritual, recreational, wildlife, and economic benefits.

Trees have an important role to get a quality life, especially while living in an urban area where pollution is widespread and causing a lot of health and mental issues. Trees not only have a visual quality, but they can also help you in many ways to live a healthy and stress-free life by contributing to air and water quality.  They act as a natural air filter and remove all the dust, fume, and smoke to improve the air quality. Besides, trees minimize the Greenhouse effects by reducing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. A mature tree is able to generate oxygen for ten people.

Trees can work as a sound a barrier. These are able to limit the noise pollution. According to a recent study report, trees are very effective to reduce the stress of modern life. In a green environment, you will feel more active, energetic, and positive. Trees impact your mind in a positive way.

In addition, trees are an integral part of our ecosystem. They offer many benefits to biodiversity and wide life. Everyone should plant trees to have a positive mind and healthy body while offering benefits to the society and environments. If you are looking for more reasons to plant trees, the following benefits are written for you only.

Importance of Trees

Health benefits

Many of us are aware that a green environment can create a healthy atmosphere to live in. As mentioned earlier, threes act a natural filter and trap the dust and absorb pollutants from the air. As proved by research reports, each and every mature and large tree removes 1.7 kilos of dust and pollutants from the air. The benefit is not limited to this only. Trees can also offer shade from sun radiation.

Many trees have medicinal properties. These are considered very effective to treat both major and minor health complications. In fact, many treatment procedures use trees to cure different ailments naturally without any side effect.

In addition, research proves that a green environment is very effective to reduce blood pressure, to treat a heart problem, and to cure depression and stress. The patients who have greenery view leave the hospital sooner than those patients who have the view of a brick wall.

All these things prove that trees can make both physical and mental healing faster. Whenever you are stressed, you should spend some time in your landscape to feel better.

Environmental benefits

Trees have many environmental benefits. They will absorb the carbon dioxide and the carbon in the tree helps to slow down the rate of global warming. Trees also minimize the speed of the wind and also offer a cooling environment in a hot climate. They lose moisture to reduce the temperature. As estimates, the trees can reduce the temperature level to 7AC.

Another benefit of trees is soil erosion. Trees can prevent flooding and can absorb thousands of liters of the stormwater. With twenty million threes, the earth will have 260 million tons of oxygen. In addition, the same number of trees can remove ten million tons of CO2.

Wildlife benefits

Trees are known for hosting complex microhabitats. The young and mature trees provide habitation and food to wildlife that includes insects, birds, fungi, and lichen. The trunk of trees offers a protective cover needed by some species such as wood-boring beetles, owls, bats, and woodpeckers. On one mature oak, 500 different species can take shelter. The tree offers food to the wildlife including squirrel, bugs, and birds.

Community benefits

Trees strengthen community life. They can be used for educational purposes and can bring people of a society together under the branches. Children can also play under the trees and can discover the adventures. It will not make them more active and adventurous; they will get a number of health benefits as well.

Economy benefits

People are more attracted to a greenery and healthy environment. They would love to prefer a green surrounding and to spend time there. According to a research report, trees can boost the value of your property. The price of your home will be 5-18% percent more while surrounded by trees. People also prefer a company that has trees and parks nearby.

Trees also generate jobs for a certain category of people. Trees are used as the raw materials for building, books, and newspapers. These are renewable and recyclable as well. Wood by-products are used in plastics, vitamins, vanilla flavoring, toothpaste, medicines, and photographic films.

Future benefits

Trees are going to be an important part of urban people. For the first time in the history, people are talking about the benefits of trees at a global level. Now they are relying more on the natural methods. They are planting trees in all possible places to get a healthy environment. If it continues, you can see a greener world.

Spiritual benefits

Trees have spiritual benefits. These are beautiful and can help you to concentrate and meditate in no time. They offer calm and relaxation. You will find your landscape the best place in your surroundings to relax and to enjoy the beauties of nature. They will create a healthy bond between you and nature. There will be no anger, stress, and dissatisfaction. You will start by discovering your inner being and spirituality.

In addition, trees conserve energy. If your home is surrounded by trees, the necessity of air-conditioning will be reduced to fifty percent. As a result, there will be less carbon dioxide and pollution emission from your unit.

Trees prevent water pollution as well as save water. The shades from the tree slow down the water absorption. They also combat climate change. Excess carbon dioxide in the environment can cause climate change. Trees will absorb the carbon dioxide, store and remove the carbon and will release oxygen back to the environment while contributing to a healthy environment. This will minimize the risk of climate change.

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