Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss: Pros and Cons

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Most people regard losing weight as starving themselves, but it’s a misconception. You don’t need to deny your body enough food to reduce your weight. Thanks to the advent of technology, we now have great juice recipes that work excellently in reducing body weight. You no longer need to sweat yourself, exercising, and drinking a lot of lemon water. Though it can be effective, the process can be tiring and time-consuming. The best way is to go to a scientifically-proven way. Besides, it’s a delicious alternative. Are you eager to know how? Luckily, in this article, you shall get insight into the best juicing for weight loss. You may need to continue reading.

Best Juice Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

  • 1. Beets and Treats Recipe

If you are looking for a recipe that will also cleanse and detox your body as it helps you lose weight, then you should consider the beets and treats recipe. What’s impressive about juicing is the fact that it does more than just introduce fat-burning nutrients and vitamins into your body’s system. Also, it’s not comfortable to eat many fruits or vegetables at a go. But proper juicing offers a platform where one can enjoy high doses of vegetables and fruits without having to eat them literally.

The beets and treats recipe comes with a high concentration of beet juice, which assists in cleansing our liver and blood, and clear bile ailments. A healthy liver helps in the quick metabolization of fat in our bodies, thereby leading to weight loss. The University of Exeter scientists discovered that beetroot is excellent in improving your energy and endurance. If you love working out or exercising, this juice will help kick-start your day.

To start losing weight immediately, you need to make this delicious and liver-cleansing juice with a juicer. To prepare it, blend the following ingredients;


  • One beetroot of around 178g
  • Two leaves or 48g of red cabbage
  • Three medium or 186g carrots
  • A ½ or 46g lemon fruit
  • One or 136g of orange
  • A ¼ or 228g of pineapple
  • A handful or 56g of spinach

After blending them all, stir or shake them then serve.

  • 2. Green Aid Blitz

It is the best green juice recipe for weight loss. If you have to lose weight, you also need your bowels to function correctly. Apples are perfect in improving bowel movements and is a significant ingredient in this recipe. Also, when combined with other vegetables like spinach, apples can be a natural laxative. When your body gets able to break down minerals and nutrients in your food, it’s not possible to experience constipation or bloating. Remember the famous saying that states, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” It is also true that an apple a day helps in weight loss. With this refreshing juice, you get to start burning fat right away. To make it, mix the following ingredients and blend;


  • 4 medium-sized apples (734g)
  • Three stalks of celery (196g)
  • Two leaves of kale (70g)
  • One whole peeled lemon (60g)
  • 4 cups of spinach (126g)

After blitzing to a smooth paste, shake and serve. You can garnish it with a slice of lemon.

  • 3. Any Time Fat Loss Cocktail

Some juicing recipes for weight loss are perfect when made and taken in the morning and during the day. But with the anytime fat loss cocktail, you can prepare and take it at any time. Because it contains a lot of kale, you get guaranteed a satisfying drink. It also contains low calories. Do you want to have a slim waistline? Thanks to the fat-burning lemon and kale found in this drink, your waistline will reduce within a short time after you start taking this cocktail. Celery is perfect in lowering blood pressure, as proven by science. With this cocktail, you not only lose some weight but also enjoy a healthier life. Are you eager to know how to prepare it? Mix the following ingredients;


  • Two medium apples (368g)
  • Two stalks of celery (84g)
  • One whole cucumber (306g)
  • Five leaves of kale (182g)
  • A ½ fruit of lemon (46g)
  • Two whole oranges (268g)
  • A handful of parsley (44g)

Serve it in a glass after blitzing until smooth. Garnishing it with a lemon slice will help improve its look.

  • 4. BB-USA Green Lemonade Blitz Recipe

Because it gets made with the best vegetables and fruits, this juicing weight loss recipe is not only popular with the Americans but also one of the tastiest and refreshing blends. It is ideal for the youth and those who want a flat tummy. What’s incredible about this juice is the fact that it is easy to make at home. It also helps boost your radiance. Thanks to the complexion boosting radiance cucumber used in this drink. The lemon in this juice helps in burning fat. You, therefore, not only lose weight with the BB-USA Green Lemonade Blitz Recipe but also helps in making your skin glow. According to research conducted at Arizona State University, vitamin C found in leman helps oxide fat 30% more. Blend the following ingredients to make this refreshing juice;


  • A whole lemon 964g)
  • 2 cups of spinach (64g)
  • Four leaves of kale (144g)
  • An entire cucumber (304g)
  • Two medium apples (368g)

After blending the mixture into a smooth paste, serve in a tall glass, and add plenty of ice.

  • 5. The Wingman Recipe

Just like its name, this juice is excellent in supporting our health. Having been combined with lemon and other great ingredients, it is renowned for its fat-burning abilities and complexion improvement. Your skin will enjoy enough moisture and become healthy from the silica found in the cucumber. If you are tired of blemishes on your skin, you should consider taking this juice. The ginger roots help in fighting them off while the vitamins A and C found in the apples work tirelessly to brighten and tone your skin. You will also have a youthful skin attributed to the orange and celery in this juice. Thanks to the antiseptic properties found in lemon, it will not only burn your fat away but also cure any skin problems. To make this wonderful recipe, blend the following ingredients, and serve when cold. Adding some ice will help.


  • Three apples (550g)
  • Three stalks of celery (196g)
  • ½ cucumber (154g)
  • A ½ thumb of ginger root (14g)
  • Four leaves of kale (144g)
  • A whole lemon (64g)
  • An entire peeled orange (184g)


  • 6. The Beet Nik Blend

It’s impossible to evade toxins from our bodies. But the good news is that we can easily remove them. The Beet Nik blend is not only excellent in eliminating toxins from our bodies but also comes with a refreshing taste. If you have debris blocking your body system, this blend will help by cleaning your liver and digestive tract. As a result, you enjoy an easier and quick metabolism of fat. The beets and carrots in this blend will work on your liver while the high fiber found in the spinach will help nourish, heal, and repair your stomach. Regarding this, if you suffer from stomach discomfort, constipation, or bloating, they become a thing of the past.

When looking for an ideal juicing recipe to reduce weight, go for the juice that reduces weight while maintaining the essential muscles. In this regard, there’s no better juice than the Beet Nik blend. It uses many vitamin-rich vegetables than sugary fruits. Our bloodstreams absorb vegetable nutrition quickly, meaning that bodyweight gets reduced effectively. By mixing the following ingredients, you make this refreshing drink.


  • 3 cups of spinach (95g)
  • Two stalks of celery (130g)
  • 8 medium-sized carrots (460g)
  • A whole beet (178g)
  • A medium apple (184g)

After mixing smoothly, serve it cold.


  • 7. Can’t Beet It Cleanse

If you are looking for a spicy and sweet juice to help in your weight loss, metabolism, and boost your immune system, Can’t Beet It Cleanse will get you sorted. It is among the oldest best recipes for weight reduction. Many people have confirmed their success. It is perfect for cleansing blood and liver, resulting in easy fat metabolism. The ginger, carrots, and apples in this juice will boost your digestion. If you want to enjoy the original taste of the ingredients used, take it while fresh. Can’t Beet It Cleanse not only helps in losing your body weight but also lowers your blood pressure, boosts your energy, and improves your complexion. To prepare this delicious juice, mix the following ingredients;


  • ½ a thumb of ginger root (16g)
  • ½ a vegetable of cucumber (154g)
  • Three stalks of celery (196g)
  • 4 medium-sized carrots (246g)
  • A whole beet (182g)
  • 2 medium apples (368g)

After blending it into a smooth paste, stir and pour it into a glass. Then drink it instantly.


  • 8. The Respect Your Roots Recipe

Are you looking for the best recipe to give you a flat stomach? The Respect Your Roots Recipe is the best because it uses diuretics. Though dieting and exercising are crucial in providing you with a great body figure, it involves a lot of hard work and discipline. But with this recipe, you only need to take it. You will a quick slim look because the carrot juice in this blend helps in water retention reduction and elimination of excess water from your body. The fact that it contains beetroot makes it better because it also helps in cleansing the river. You will not resist the delicious taste attributed to the mixture of carrots, sweet potatoes, and beetroot. Mix and blend the following to make this mouthwatering drink.


  • A whole beetroot (178g)
  • Ten medium-sized carrots (624g)
  • A full sweet potato (134g)

After achieving a smooth paste, pour into a glass, and enjoy!


  • 9. Morning Glory Cleanse

Despite being sweet and simple, it is perfect for taking immediately you wake up in the morning. Because it contains beetroot, your liver will get cleansed while you enjoy a slim waistline attributed to the vitamin C found in the carrots and oranges. Besides, this juice reducing the risk of stomach ulcers and cancer. It will also lower the cholesterol in your body. Make this tasty juice by mixing and blending the following ingredients;


  • One whole beetroot (178g)
  • 2 medium-sized carrots 9126g)
  • Two oranges (264g)

Ensure you blend it into a smooth paste before serving it cold.

Final Thought

As illustrated above, you need not sweat yourself out doing exercises or starving to lose weight. With the various best juicing options, as explained above, you can reduce your weight faster and with no hustle. Besides, the ideal juices for weight loss taste delicious and are easy to make at home. What’s impressive about these weight loss juices is the fact that they do more than just helping us lose weight. They come with other health benefits like lowering of blood pressure, nourishes our skin, detoxifies our blood systems, reduces our risk of having cancer and ulcers, eliminates excess water from our bodies, boosts our energy, and improves our complexion. If you want to lose weight, try one of the juicing recipes explained above.

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