21 Qualities of a Good Teacher

A teacher is a fundamental base for the education of a student. The teacher who teaches students well in his own passionate teaching style and the students become satisfied is called a good teacher. Every teacher wants to become a good teacher. Students cherish to learn from a great teacher and a good teacher is remembered forever. A teacher has long-lasting impacts on the lives of the students. Teaching is a noble profession. In fact, the job of teaching is always considered satisfying and rewarding for individuals who are passionate to teach. A good teacher inspires the students to reach their goals. He helps the students to develop their latent talent. However, a good teacher works tirelessly to create a challenging and nurturing environment for the students. A great teacher should have some key characteristics and qualities.

Effective Qualities of a Good Teacher

01. Passion for Teaching:

Teaching is merely not a profession; it is a noble profession. A teacher has to work hard for the success of his students. He must have a dedicated mentality for this great job. As a teacher should have some duties and responsibilities, he has to prepare himself all the time for helping the students. He cannot but love his job for the sake of his learners. A great teacher always thinks to develop his professional skills for the betterment of the students.

02. Friendly Behavior with Students:

A teacher is not only a teacher but also a friend, guide, guardian and class leader. He should possess a quality that encourages students to express themselves freely in a happy environment. Students want a teacher with whom they can share their will and woe, success and failure and their future goal in keeping the teacher-student relationship. A teacher should always behave friendly with the students in all situations.

03. Strong Personality with Teaching Style:

A good teacher has to hold a strong personality with his own teaching style. His smart looking face attracts the students very much. Sometimes he has to act like an actor in the classroom in his own way to better understand the lessons to his students. Everybody should have a good, decent, likable and presentable personality.

04. Classroom Management Skill:

The most important characteristics of a good teacher are that he considers the class as a whole. He maintains the discipline in the classroom with his good behavior. In a large classroom, he organizes the students in several groups and elects a captain from the students in a democratic way. A great teacher inspires the students to work as a team in the classroom. He makes the students busy to do their tasks properly. Sometimes he sets strict rules in the classroom to control it.

05. Good Communicator:

A very essential characteristic of a good teacher is that he can maintain communication with the guardians of the students and keep them informed of what is happening in the classroom. A teacher should be a very good orator. He also needs to be familiar with debates and presentations. People like to hear a person who can speak well. If the communication skills of a teacher are good, he can, no doubt, convey his lectures with better skill and results. A good teacher always feels easy adapting his way of expressing himself to the needs of the students.

06. Knowledge:

As a teacher is doing a teacher’s job, he will have a clear knowledge of the subject which he is teaching. He will never be a successful teacher if he has no proper knowledge of a certain subject that he teaches. He has to have the abilities of his subject to understand the students and to mitigate their thirst for knowing the unknown. A good teacher possesses a solid command of content and deep knowledge of the school’s curriculum and syllabus.

07. Setting High Expectations:

“Simple living and high thinking” will be the motto of a great teacher. He himself dreams of a good dream to be a great teacher amidst the students as well as the society and country. In keeping with high expectations, he always encourages his students to reach their goal which cherishes every student. He has a great expectation to lead the learners on the right path.

08. Motivational Skills:

The greatest quality of a good teacher is to motivate the students in their studies. Without having the necessary motivation of the learners, the quality of teaching will not be fruitful. A great teacher always uses strategies to stimulate interest to the students in his subject. He creates automation for the students through his creative activities so that they can prepare themselves for future results.

09. A Good Listener:

One of the most important qualities of a good teacher is that he must be a good listener too. According to a Turkish proverb: “The listening is gold if speaking is silver”. A teacher should not only tell people but also listen to them also. People do not want to listen always they like those who listen to them also. Moreover, good listeners have many fans and friends. When a teacher has this patience to listen to others he automatically becomes a good teacher.

10. A sense of Humour:

A teacher who has a sense of good humor he becomes a good teacher. A teacher has to teach the younger generation but the students should not learn only in a tense environment. They should also have some fun in the classroom. If the teacher has a good sense of humor then he can easily handle his class with his powerful communication skills.

11. Kindness:

A teacher should also be a kind, gentle, caring and courteous person to be a good teacher. All these qualities will encourage his students to love him like an idol and follow him. His students will bring great results for him as they will do their homework regularly due to their respect and love for their teacher.

12. Passion for Children:

A good teacher should be passionate to teach his students. Usually, teachers talk about their knowledge, their teaching styles, their hold on their subject but they never talk about their passion for kids. Normally teachers manage the students in their class in a threatening and fearful environment. If they start caring for their students they will never need to threaten them.

13. Willingness to Work Collaboratively:

A good teacher should be willing to create a collaborative environment in the classroom. Not only the students give respect to their teachers but teachers should also give respect to their students. In the classroom, they should behave like a community in which some tasks are done and some rules are followed by all. And being an integral part of this community every student as well as a teacher should be aware of these facts. The teacher should know his students that in his absence they can do the things collaboratively with mutual help.

14. Engaging Students in Learning:

A teacher who can motivate the students and keep them engaged in learning can be termed as a good teacher. According to researchers, students can be engaged in learning in three ways- mental, emotional and behavior. The teacher who can make the subject interesting for the students has the capability to inspire them for learning.

15. Self-Awareness:

A good teacher, according to experts, should be aware of his own culture and social background and should be able to accept the culture and social identity of others whether they are his students or co-teachers. He should be able to use his own wisdom to check the relationship between the attitudes, beliefs, and values of his students while teaching them. If the teacher is biased about something then it will reflect in his communication with his students.

16. Fair and Respectful:

A teacher who is good by nature and behaves like a friend with his students will always be respected by his students. If he behaves fairly with his students whenever they have some problem and helps them in solving their problems, he automatically becomes a good teacher for the students. On the other hand, students should also not consider their teachers as their enemy because this type of mindset can never help them to come closer.

17. Maintaining Professionalism:

A teacher, who understands that he has to improve himself consistently, can be a good teacher. It is not necessary that the teacher should learn from books and journals to improve his knowledge. Any student or any other younger person can tell him something that can increase his knowledge to some extent. The teacher should also take care of his weaknesses to be a good teacher. All these things will help in maintaining the professionalism of the teacher.

18. Modern Technological Knowledge:

The teacher who has knowledge of modern technologies can be a good teacher as he can improve the quality of his education by using the technologies as a tool. So the teachers should know about the latest technologies to update their knowledge bank. Along with improving the environment of education in the classroom but also improve the social and cultural environment of the entire society.

19. Knowledge of Educational Planning:

Normally good teachers set their goals for teaching and create plans to obtain those goals. It may take time to make good educational planning but once it is made it can provide magical results. It will make the learning challenging as well as interesting for both- the teacher as well as the students.

20. Having Cultural Diversity:

Normally every classroom has various types of cultures these days. So, the teacher should know about the cultures of almost all the students in the class. It will help in improving the interaction between the teacher and the students. It will also help in encouraging the students of different cultures to relate with others in a friendly environment and to avoid any conflicting situation.

21. Knowledge of Assessment:

A good teacher knows about the level of learning of his students. He can use various types of tools to assess their knowledge so that he can know about their weaknesses and strengths. It also helps the teacher in teaching his students according to their requirements. He can give more focus to the weaker students than brilliant ones.

Final Verdict

Thus, a good teacher should have all the qualities discussed in this write-up. Though it cannot be possible to find all the qualities in a single person still one should try to have most of them to be called a good teacher.

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