Reasons to Use LED Solar Flood Lights for Security

Why to Choose LED Solar Flood Lights as Your Security Lights

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When you think of installing security floodlights for your home or business, what comes to mind are the traditional floodlights that come with immense disadvantages such as high costs of installation and energy inefficiency. However, following the latest LED lights technology, modern floodlights have introduced a new concept of lighting where these light fixtures can now illuminate a large space without exposing you to high maintenance costs. Due to this reason, this guide will discuss some reasons to use LED solar flood lights for security and why they’re the best over their traditional lighting predecessors.

In the past, LED solar flood lights were only installed to impose security on businesses and other commercial premises. Today, this tradition has gone to another level where homeowners are realizing the benefits of installing this new lighting technology to secure their homes. So, if you’re wondering whether to go the traditional way or to consider LED solar flood lights, this short guide has discussed six key reasons that will help you realize the benefits of installing these lights as part of your security system.


But First, How do LED Solar Flood Lights Work?

Before you install LED solar flood lights on your premise, you must have some basic understanding of how these security lights work. Now, when you hear the term solar-powered lights, what comes to mind is solar energy from the sun. This is the exact lighting mechanism that LED solar-powered lights to use to illuminate your premise.

The process starts by capturing energy from the sun (during the day) using wires connected to the solar panel. The energy is then converted to electricity which is then stored in the available batteries. Once stored, this electricity is used by the lights to illuminate your home or your commercial premise during the night.

Now, although LED solar flood lights are quite independent (since they don’t rely on electric cables), several factors can affect their performance. These include the sensitivity of the photoelectric cell, LED lights energy requirements, capacity of the battery, the available energy from the sun, and the charging capacity of the solar panel.

  • The Sun:

We’ve mentioned that the amount of sunlight during the day can affect the amount of energy charging your solar battery. This means that in the case of puffy cumulus cloud cover, the sun’s energy will generally get blocked from reaching the surface. However, this can be solved by changing the position of the solar panel to take advantage of the partial sunlight rays penetrating through the clouds.

  • The Batteries:

About the batteries, you need to consider a higher battery capacity that will not get discharge faster than usual. In most cases, 1.2V Nickel Metal Hydride C and 3V Lithium-Ion batteries are required. However, you will have to replace the batteries regularly after 3 or more years to enhance efficiency.

  • Motion Detector:

For the case of motion detectors, you need to adjust the amount of time the lights stay on when the motion sensors are activated. At least this way, you’ll prevent your batteries from getting drained quickly saving more electric charge in the process.


Benefits of Security LED Flood Lights


Now that we’ve discussed how exactly LED flood lights work, our next step is to get deep into the world of solar flood lights to discuss their benefits from a security standpoint.

1. Illuminates Large Areas

The first reason for installing LED solar flood lights in your home or business premise is the fact that they produce immense light. Since these lights use the latest LED technology, the bulbs are bright enough to provide visibility to a wide area. This allows property owners and directors to see clearly and identify any possible trespassers whether they’re criminals or wild animals.

Another benefit of the high illumination of these lights is that they allow your CCTV security cameras to capture footage of whatever is happening in your premise. That’s because the LED bulbs produce high illumination that resembles direct sunlight or natural daylight. Since they can identify faces from up to 30 feet, this can make it easier for you to identify criminals trying to vandalize your home or business and plan for the next course of action.


2. Versatile and Easy to Install

Another reason why you need LED solar flood lights in your premise is due to their easy installation process. Since they don’t rely on electricity to operate, you’ll not have to deal with messy electrical wirings, fuses, and circuits. Instead, all you’ll need are just a few tools and a strategic location to set up the poles for the solar LED lights and the solar panels. The location should have exposure to direct sunlight.

Next, mount your lights to the ground and do the wiring for the batteries and the remote solar panel. Once you’re done, connect the solar panels to strategic positions where there’s an appropriate amount of sunlight.


3. Conserves Energy

Another major reason why you need to invest in LED solar flood lights is their low energy consumption. Traditional security lights on their end rely on electricity and worse of all, the bulbs are either halogens or incandescent. Looking at these factors, it’s clear that traditional lights consume a lot of energy which will obviously hike your electricity costs.

On the other hand, LED solar flood lights rely on solar energy and are powered by energy-efficient LED bulbs. Other than that, the cost of repairing LED solar flood lights is relatively lower as you won’t have to deal with burnt-out bulbs, blown fuses, and issues of short-circuiting.


4. Motion Activated

Although it’s not a mandatory necessity, adding a motion sensor on your LED solar flood lights is an added advantage for two key reasons. One, the motion sensor will activate the bright LED lights automatically whenever it detects any unusual activity in your premises. This is a great way of catching criminals off-guard before they can vandalize your home or your business premise.

Another benefit of having a motion-activated LED solar flood light is the advantage of saving solar energy. You see, when your lights are motion-activated, what this means is that the lights will only illuminate whenever there’s motion and not continuously throughout the night. This is a great step towards conserving more energy.


5. Boost the Performance of Other Security Equipment

Just as we mentioned earlier, the amount of light produced by LED solar flood lights is enough to boost the effectiveness of other security devices. For instance, in case of a sudden attack in your area, enough illumination can help you to detect the perpetrators and dial 911 with more certainty. It can also help you capture videos using your Smartphones and the available CCTV security cameras.


6. Boosts Your Business During the Night

Finally, if you’re operating a business till the late hours of the night, you’ll definitely need to improvise some security measures that will keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe. One of these strategies is by adding LED solar flood lights outside your business. Since these lights are not affected by a possible power surge, your business will manage to increase customer traffic as customers will feel safe and less uneasy when relaxing or shopping in your business.



Other than the six reasons we’ve mentioned, there are other great benefits of having LED solar flood lights in your home or business premise. Securing your home or your business with lighting is very important as it not only gives you some peace of mind, but it also boosts the confidence of your beloved customers as most of them will feel secure shopping and relaxing on your premises.

Other than securing your premise, most people have argued that LED solar flood lights are very attractive. Since there’s no electrical wiring, these lights can be mounted in profile areas to illuminate your backyard. They can also illuminate in different colors to match a specific mood and ambiance that you wish to evoke in case of a celebration or a backyard party.

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